What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a technique by which hair follicles are redistributed from the permanent safe zone to the balding area which can be at the crown or vertex of the scalp. FUT strip method involves a surgical procedure whereas FUE hair transplant is a non-surgical hair transplant. FUE hair transplant in India has emerged as a boon to Indians generally averse to open surgical procedures like the strip technique in which stitches are given and one gets the “operated upon” feel in the first few weeks till the scar heals. Salman Khan hair transplant story, Virender Sehwag hair transplant story, Rooney hair transplant story, Harsha Bhogle hair transplant story, Kallis hair transplant story and many other success stories have made hair transplant such a household name in India and contributed to its success. Salman Khan hair transplant cost almost doubled when he had to undergo a second procedure after a failed attempt at hair transplant in Dubai. So it is very important to be sure about the credentials of the surgeon you have chosen as the best hair transplant doctor in India. Cheap hair transplant in India or affordable hair in India are words we should stay away from since the cheaper the hair transplant, the less the experience of the doctor. This will show in the result of hair transplant and you would repent the loss of hair transplant grafts, follicles and your hard earned money. It is wise to spend just once and get done with it.

FUE Hair Transplant Forum can help you in choosing the surgeon who is just right for you for a FUE procedure in India.

Though FUT strip technique was considered the gold standard, the field is fast slipping away in favour of FUE technique which is set to dominate the industry by 2014 FUE clinics in India are few and far in India. Though we have hair transplant clinic in Mumbai, hair transplant clinic in Delhi, hair transplant clinic in Bangalore, hair transplant clinic in Chennai, hair transplant clinic in Kolkata, hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana, hair transplant clinic in Jalandhar, the hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh has the largest volumes of FUE hair transplant as compared to any other clinic in the country. This can be seen from the large number of hair transplant pictures, hair transplant photos, hair transplant videos which show numerous high quality hair transplant results.

The best hair transplant in Delhi, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Indore will soon be by means of FUE as centers pick up this technique within next 2 years. This is the learning curve of FUE method hair transplant.

The technique of hair transplant and the procedure of hair transplant can be seen on youtube when you search for “Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic”. The procedure of hair transplant at clinics like DHI hair transplant clinic in Delhi, DHI clinic in Mumbai and DHI clinic in Hyderabad and Bosley hair transplant is very much the same. Standalone clinics like Darling Buds do not have a policy (or the funds) to compete with these cash rich clinics and hence clients come to us by word of mouth only. We feel that a clinic that advertises rampantly need not do it if results have been good.

FUE centers which use the best FUE technology would use the Safe Scribe FUE harvest system to extract and implant your follicles. Chandigarh today is the capital of hair transplant in India due to a large number of clients seeking FUE hair transplants in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Dubai, Oman, etc. The list of people coming to India for their procedures is very very long.