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These Factors Could Affect Your Hair transplant Cost


The desire to have a good health and retain the youthful appearance is ubiquitous. While people do everything possible to maintain a fit body, they are often oblivious of how to care for their hair. There are not many remedies available if you have genetic baldness, but for other factors like nutritional deficiencies, using the wrong hair care products there is a lot one can do. Baldness, once it occurs, stays forever.
With surgical hair restoration techniques available today, we do make our patients get a head full of hair once more.

However, all good things in life which are a luxury come at a cost. The field of hair restoration transplant is no different. A hair transplant that is done properly will increase self esteem in a vast majority and will give a youthful look besides increasing your premium in the competitive job market.

The cost of hair transplant treatment


The most important aspect while deciding on your hair transplant treatment is its cost. Many people have the notion that hair transplant procedures cost the MOON. This is not really the case in India. It may be just above the reach of a vast majority of people if done properly in safe centers maintaining strict world class protocols, but it is not unaffordable for most.

The basic cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts. So the cost is a factor of the cost per graft and the number of grafts. To this we add the government tax portion (presently the GST is 18%). It may be not possible to give an accurate cost of the procedure during online consultations. The final cost of hair transplant only can be determined once the harvesting of grafts is over. It can vary by 10% of the amount of grafts that were initially quoted on in person consultation, either way, up or down.


Factors that decide the Cost of hair transplant


Like the treatment, even the cost of the procedure is unique and depends on various factors ranging from the skill of the surgeon, whether your procedure is being done in the safety of a hospital or in a showroom/shop, the severity of baldness, and whether body grafts are being done since body hair transplant (BHT) costs more.

Read more about the factors that determine the costing of a hair trasplant-

1. FUT Vs. FUE Cost
FUT vs FUE Hair Transplant

FUE method is more time consuming and mandatorily requires close intensive care of the surgeon unlike the FUT procedure which is done by clinics where the doctor after 30 minutes of strip harvest engages himself in plastic surgery if he is a plastic surgeon doing part time hair transplant, Laser treatments if he is a dermatologist doing itinerant hair transplant procedures, or some other speciality like Dentistry, etc. Indeed, the extraction of hair follicles and their graft-by-graft transplantation is a pain staking effort. This is the reason why many practices have not gone the FUE way. If they have, the harvesting, without fail, is done by a team of technicians who are usually not on the payroll of the doctor but are fly by night operators in a perpetual hurry to go to the next station of work at another clinic in the same or another city. FUT does require more staff but the strip excision takes lesser time. Due to these factors, the cost of an FUE is always 2-3 times the cost of a strip procedure.

2. Surgeon’s Skill Sets

It is so surprising and an enigma to me that no one ever researchs the speciality of a hair transplant surgeon though this is such an important factor you need to know of. No other surgeon other than a plastic surgeon wholly dedicated to hair transplant understands wound healing better. Other specialities are into hair transplant either since they lost their license in their specialities like ENT, Dental, Anesthesia, Cardiology, Gynecology, etc or they are just Bounty Hunters. The day hair transplant becomes less of a money spinner, rest assured they will migrate to newer more lush pastures, since money for them is the driving force, not passion for the procedure. A burning example is when Laser treatment was no longer lucrative, dermatologists en masse migrated to hair transplant! The same is happening now as hair transplant costs become more market driven. The concerned professional should have at least 5 years of experience in hair restoration procedure. This will help you avoid any kind of potential risks attached to the procedure. If you approach one of the best surgeons in the town for your hair transplant, it will increase the cost of the procedure for obvious reasons. But an expensive procedure does not mean the doctor is perfect. Hence, choose wisely.

3. The technicians

A low cost clinic would hire inexperienced technicians, which would cost low, and this would result in a low cost procedure. This is the typical current Indian hair transplant model, which is a replication of the initial TURKEY MODEL where a technician clinic does over 10 procedures simultaneously with day and night shifts. This is the root cause of unnatural results, unsafe procedures, infections, etc., Not giveing any time to sterilise the operation rooms while rotating cases like in an assembly line will increase chances of infection. Cross-infections with deadly viruses like HIV and Hepatitis is a grave concern today. The death reported from hair transplant at low cost clinics is a direct result of bypassing laid down safety protocols for surgery, But when surgeons today are not doing hair transplant, procedures at hands of physicians will always carry higher morbidity and mortality.
After all you get what you pay for esp in a hair transplant.

4. Number of grafts

You can roughly calculate the number of grafts required on the bald by using a graft calculator. However this calculation will not work if you are not a candidate for a hair transplant! Usually, surgeons charge the cost on per follicle or per graft basis, which in turn depends on the type of baldness and the rational realistic expectation of the patient. These assessments are based on the Norwood Scale of baldness. It is a basic calculator for grafts required and this can determine the cost of the hair transplant procedure.

5. Graft Damage rate (Transection rate)

Transection rates are dictated by the skill of harvesting and the technique and equipment used by the plastic surgeon. We use state of the art James Harris motorised harvesting system and this works well in my hands.

6. Hygiene and safety standards

Hair transplant is a surgical process; hence, the clinic ought to be hygienic. The clinis also has to have proper protocols for infection control and sterilisation. Most clinics run from one room shops or a showroom with several cubicles in a busy market. This is a perfect recipe for infection and cross infection with deadly viruses. Most such clinics run as assembly lines giving very little time for cleaning and disinfection and sterilising the operation theater. On the other hand, Darling Buds Clinic runs in a hospital and we do just 1-2 cases a day. We do not operate at night or on Saturday & Sundays, just to give enough time for sterilising the operation rooms to ensure safety of our clients and workers. This would reduce the chances of any infection or post-surgical complications. The procedure cost will surely increase due to this factor, but it is a very important aspect to consider for your safety. There are no free lunches. For every discount in hair transplant that you get, you have to compromise somewhat on your result or safety.

7. Travel costs

Travel costs are self paid for but is an important determinant of total cost of procedure especially when people come to India from as far as USA. Canada, UK, Australia for a hair transplant.

How to calculate the cost per graft



A graft calculator helps you in finding out the number of grafts required in the bald area and once you know the requisite count, you can estimate the hair transplants procedure cost to some extent. The follicular unit is calculated on per Each person’s need will differ according to his/her hair.


A complete hair analysis followed by proper consultation would be ideal to ascertain the involved cost. Following are the low side rates of Hair Transplant which is being operated at 5 Rivers Hair Transplant Clinic (It doesn’t include Dr. Bhatti Hair Transplant Cost which can be found here )

  • The cost of 800-1000 grafts ranges between INR 45,000 to INR 1,00,000 per sitting.
  • The cost of 1000-2000 grafts ranges between INR 75,000 to INR 2,00,000 per sitting.
  • The cost of 2000-3000 grafts ranges between INR 1,25,000 to INR 3,50,000 per sitting.
  • The cost of 3000-4000 grafts ranges between INR 1,75,000 to INR 4,50,000 per sitting.

All these rates are tentative give you rough idea of the cost of hair restoration procedure. Cost at Darling Buds Clinic is discounted during the peak Summer months of may and June. Hence the above range. Cost differs significantly depending on the surgeon your visit for the treatment. Additionally, the GST taxes may also apply at the respective clinics.

Easy to use financing schemes for Hair transplant treatment


Many clinics offer financial support with 0% EMI schemes. If you wish to avail any of the financial Schemes, then you must consult the clinic and the concerned person for the details. Since hair transplant is cosmetic surgery, your insurance will not cover the cost of a hair transplant. Financing is a blessing for hair transplant for those who have just started earning.



Hair transplant procedures have become more convenient and approachable with easy variety of financing options. People have a misconception that hair transplant is too expensive and they end up visiting uncertified clinics. Before taking this step, one must evaluate long-term effects of a cheap hair transplant option. Using such an option would most likely give you unnatural results and would leave scars for a lifetime. Do not put your safety at risk. Even the survival rate of the follicles in such cases is less than 50%. Hence, make sure of the procedure and the clinic you step into are reliable.