Premade Slits and Hair Transplant

By any stretch of the imagination, the timing of slit making cannot be called as a variation of FUE technique. Nor it can be called the DHI/DHT technique.

This has already been tried by many FUT surgeons in the past and then abandoned due to reasons enumerated further down in this discussion. The factual truth is that it is not done anymore and is not considered a standard protocol that has withstood the test of time. Now the question of making slits first and then implanting. Slit making takes a mere 30-45 mins and not much time is wasted if they are made later.

Why slits should only be made after the grafts are harvested:
We do not know how many singles, doubles and triples we are going to get.Singles and doubles and triples all need appropriate size blades for a snug fit.
For example a single hair graft with a diameter of 0.6 mm will not sit pretty in a slit that is 0.9 mm wide and meant to accomodate a 3 hair graft.
If we think all our grafts are going to be triples, and we get mostly 2s and 1s, its going to be a disaster situation. The situation will become a panic if it were the other way around!
And think of the situation in an African patient where due to the inability to extract as many grafts will leave so many slits empty. And this is common in such hair transplants.

Every graft has a different length which varies from person to person and sometimes within the same person from one graft to the other. One size fits hence goes diametrically opposite to cumulative hair transplant wisdom of several decades.
It is like reinventing a discarded technique.

There have been some cases in practice where after the harvesting starts, the patient develops problems. This is common in those with hypertension, asthma, etc. Or if bleeding from harvesting is more than expected. In such cases, the procedure may need to be abandoned. I would not feel good with a patient going home with open slits abegging for grafts.

There are more reasons why slits should not be made but enumerating them is giving authenticity to a worthless venture!