Are you a Good Candidate?

Baldness is present in over 64% males in India. Our forefathers too developed baldness but when they did, it was at a later age than us. It is common to see baldness today in the early 20s and this ia achieving alarming proportions and is almost akin to an epidemic. With underlying genetic prediliction coupled with environmental factors like growing pollution and changing lifestyle, hairloss takes a heavy toll on our minds The hair loss pattern starts showing up and becomes prominent within no time. Under such a scenario, it becomes very important for people to go for hair treatment or simply have a transplant to look natural.

In so doing many fall prey to fly by night operators or technicians who have opened shop all over the world. These unethical for profit only clinics make it absolutely important for a bald individual to do his research well. The most important question and the foremost is- Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant? This article will answer this question as best as any can-

1. What factors do you need to consider?

In order to get the right answer to the question “ARE YOU A CANDIDATE FOR A HAIR TRANSPLANT!”, you need first look inwards and see if you have the mindset for a hair transplant. Do you have realistic expectations? After all hair transplant does not compete with God’s creation. We do mimic it closely but can never give full density which some may expect. Also baldness being a continuous process, this may not be your last procedure.

2. Is there anything that may worsen your predilection for genetic hair loss?

Many things play important roles behind the salubrious hair. These include:

i. Your health

You must be at the best of their health before undergoing any surgical process. Good health includes a great immunity system too. So before making up your mind about undergoing a surgical process of hair transplant, it is wise to inform the surgeon about your medical history in order to avoid complications.

ii. Your food habits

Good Food habits and lifestyle have a direct say in the quality of hair you have. A balanced diet, regular exercises and stress-free life could enhance your health and help you maintain good hair appreciably. However, in the adverse situation, where you fail to attain these necessities, the hair starts losing its shape and breaks right from the roots.

3. What you want matters?

When it comes to hair transplant, age is just a number. It really does not matter how old you are or whether are you a good candidate for hair transplant even at middle age or more. It only depends on what you want and what suits the best as per your personality. At Darling buds Clinic, Dr Bhatti has operated on several patients above 80 years of age!
When you are a candidate for a procedure, here is what we can do after exaning and assessing your pattern-

  • Complete hair restoration for extensive baldness Grade 5 and 6
  • Receding hairline correction in Grades 2 and 3
  • Bald spot filling in the crown area alone for Grade 4
  • Filling up of thinning areas along important zones like hairline and temples, etc.
    So you don’t need to wait for your head to go completely bald, instead, you can opt for hair transplant right the time you observe the first signs of hair loss. Provided the density has fallen to less than 50%.

4. Types of hair treatment you can expect

You can always take care of minor or temporary hair fall issues by natural remedies. However, there is a very fine line between minor hair fall and permanent hair fall, as the latter extends for a longer period of time and seems irreversible.

  • Generally, hair fall occurs in a pattern and this is the case with most people. The hairline starts to recede, especially on the sides, exposing a very broad forehead.
  • Simultaneously, the crown of the head starts to lose a lot of hair, exposing the bald scalp.
  • The hair keeps thinning, especially from the front and the crown until the front portion of the head does not have any hair.
    Thankfully, hair transplant can restore all the hair back and you can start looking young again.Since baldness is progressive, you may continue to gt touch ups for newer areas of baldness that may appear over the years.

5. Your patience and commitment is the key

While you research and make up your mind to undergo a hair transplant, you need to patiently consider the following-

  • Hair transplant requires pre and post-surgery care. Make sure you follow the surgeon’s instructions for a speedy recovery.
  • Have realistic expectations. You won’t just walk in with thin hair and walk out with a head full of hair. It takes time.
  • In respect to the hair fall and extent of baldness, the surgeon might prescribe more than one implant procedure sessions so that hair restores back to its full potential.

So are you a good candidate?

Now that you know what all it takes to get under the needle for a hair transplant, you are better equipped to ask yourself the question, “Are you a good candidate?”
Hair transplant can restore your confidence and bring you out of the situation where you might feel socially awkward due to rigorous hair fall and thinning. Don’t let it steal your confidence. Walk into Darling Buds and get and honest consultation on your hair loss, and discuss with Dr Bhatti himself, the options and plans available. Our expert surgeon will also help you to know if are suitable candidate for hair transplant after analyzing your health and body conditions properly.