When not to get a Beard hair transplant


When not to get a Beard hair transplantA beard is in fashion today and since a hair transplant procedure has made it possible for everyone to grow a beard, these procedures are in demand. There are many circumstances in which a request for a beard hair transplant should be discouraged. These are instances when a beard hair transplant should never be done. A young boy of say 17 years of age wanting a beard through surgical hair restoration needs to be discouraged. Many people wish a beard due to peer group pressure.

Psychological counseling in these patients is an absolute must. These can be a problem since especially if the patient has brown skin and the desire to get a beard is a momentary passing fancy, he may wish to shave his beard in the near future. This may in 5% of the cases lead to a problem since the patient ay have raised spots of hypertrophic scarring and this will not give a smooth shave leaving him disappointed and cursing the day he got it done and the doctor for not advising him against getting beard transplant at this young age. However there are certain instances when a beard hair transplant is mandatory and these are mostly religious indications in Muslims, Jews and Sikhs. These communities are committed to sport a beard for a long time and hence there is no issue in this subset of patients wanting a beard hair transplant. Also, Caucasians have no problem after getting a beard hair transplant.

In summary, beard hair transplants should be very selectively done in the young age groups, in brown and dark skin patients, and those who are prone to hypertrophic scarring.