Female Hair Transplant India @ChandigarhHairTransplantClinic

Out of every 100 patients who come to us for a hair transplant, 3 are women.

The low number is since women do not always have a great scalp donor area. They many times bald globally- all around, and the scalp donor is spared only in a few cases. Secondly, BHT is almost never an option in women.

Before a hair transplant in women, one has to carefully rule out endocrinological problems which if corrected with treatment can reverse hair loss to some extent.

Hair transplant in females especially Asian Females with hair loss is a daunting task for an FUE hair transplant in females. Here we present a follow-up of one year after a female hair transplant in India Female hair transplant.

This lady at the age of 25 years first came to us with a high forehead and wanted her face framed through FUE hair transplant.

The result satisfied her full and now she is here with us for more density and filling up in the midscalp.

In Asian women like in the males of this racial group, hair density in the scalp donor is low. This gives a very narrow margin of error. There is no revision hair transplant in Asian hair loss sufferers.

The transaction rates have to be low and graft survival after harvest has to be high.

You can watch several other cases of different ethnic-racial groups in women in the YouTube Playlist-