Do long flights dehydrate grafts? Should I stay longer?

At my clinic we have 95% and above people coming for hair transplant in India from overseas. Mostly of Indian origin, the remaining 30% are majority Caucasians.
The average stay in Chandigarh/ India after the hair transplant is 2.5 days  following which patients fly as far back as Australia/ and N.America, the 2 most common countries from which we get overseas patients for hair transplant.
As long as they keep spraying the planted area with the hydrating solution (provided at the clinic)rp_FUE-punch-size-at-Darling-Buds-300x250.jpg every 2 hours there is no discomfort.
Grafts can never dry up once in the body since the roots are buried beneath the skin and for the first 6 days they survive by “plasmatic imbibition”. There is no “dryness” under the skin.