A Class Action suit against Artas Restoration Robotics


Restoration Robotics is a Robotics company specifically dealing with hair transplant through robotic technology and computer-assisted artificial intelligence. Restoration Robotics Inc, the makers of ARTAS floated their IPO in October of 2017. The company saw good growth from 2012 till 2015 after which a downfall in its fortunes started. The company has been making tall claims about the robot which have been brought it back to limelight for the wrong reasons .

The company has been defending a Class Action suit in which certain claims were were challenged. The judge hearing the case is said to have denied the motion to dismiss the suit.

The 2 points that should concern patients who received and are to receive Robotic treatment for their hair loss are-

1. The court did not accept the fact that the ARTAS provided “targeted precision and a cleanly scored incision”

2. The court agreed that more systems were ‘installed’ than sold

What everyone must understand is that Restoration Robotics sell a system which gives an impression that an untrained doctor can do hair transplant in his clinic merely by installing a Robot. Using this system, and that technicians are mostly doing hair transplant in USA to bypass the law against technicians doing the surgery.