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Personal appearance means a lot in the present scenario. While there was no significant medical treatment available even for burns just a century ago, today we have myriad cosmetic procedures for almost every part of the body. Rather than hide natural or accidental shortcomings of the physical self, people nowadays prefer opting for various cosmetic surgeries. Call it vanity if you must, but there is no harm in being happy if cosmetic surgery can deliver it safely. Your tryst with a more confident you is just short of that one visit to 5 Rivers Hospital and the consultation with our experts.

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is a branch of plastic surgery that focuses on improving your personal appearance. As the results are mostly permanent, you must be cautious and well informed before you venture into a make over . Many aesthetic procedures are available today for rectifying almost every other part of your body. Here are some of the common ones:

  1. Breast surgery
    Mammoplasty surgical operations include breast augmentation for enhancing the appearance of women’s breast. Here, the use of a saline or silicone gel prosthetic is prevalent. Nowadays, fat grafting is in routine practice.
    Breast reduction aids in relieving physical discomfort and in correcting sagging breasts.
    Likewise, Mastopexy is a process that involves removal of your skin and glandular tissues, thereby rearranging the remaining breast mound to give an esthetic breast lift.
  2. Liposuction
    Suction-assisted lipectomy helps in removing the excess fat deposition from certain parts of your body. Here, your surgeon will use tools such as ultrasound, laser, or mechanical devices to suck up/reduce fat globules via a tube. Although complications are rare, hematoma, rippling effect and indentations can occur in amateur hands.
  3. Blepharoplasty
    It is perhaps the best option to work on reshaping your eyelids. As your skin ages, eyebags appear under the lower eyelid and above the eyes. This results in drooping and hooding of both your upper and lower eyelids.
  4. Rhinoplasty
    With rhinoplasty, your surgeon helps to improvise the appearance of your nose such that you can breathe efficiently and bony and soft tissue deviations and imperfections are corrected. Under rhinoplasty, your nose tip undergoes reshaping, thereby alongwith reduction of a bony hump from the upper surface of your nose.
  5. Chin augmentation

With chin augmentation, you can quickly increase the prominence of your chin for balancing all your facial features. This is possible either through prosthetic implants or by chin bone manipulation.

Complications of Cosmetic Surgery

In the right institution under the care of skilled doctors, cosmetic surgery is almost foolproof .However, it is also essential to take a note of all the possible complications associated with the cosmetic surgical procedure before finalizing your decision. Here are some of them:
Hematoma: More or less, it resembles a painful bruise, which is larger. Although it is more commonly found in males, females are no longer an exception to it.

Seroma: When you have a serum or sterile fluid accumulation beneath the surface of your skin, you are prone to the medical condition called seroma. Sometimes it may result in pain or swelling.

Infection: Statistically, around 1.1 to 2.5 % of people undergoing cosmetic surgery have infections and other related problems. Cellulitis is the most commonly observed skin infection.

Nerve damage: After cosmetic surgeries, nerve damages are a common occurrence, as they contribute towards numbness and tingling. Although it is temporary, at times, it may rarely be permanent.

Organ damage: Most commonly found with a liposuction procedure, it happens as soon as the surgical probes encounter your internal organs. This complication is likely to cause visceral perforations or punctures. It has occurred in some centers that are too aggressive with cosmetic procedures.

How much will it cost you on an average?

Cosmetic surgeries can cost you anywhere between USD 1000 dollars to USD 5000. Your charges may include:
• Consultation fees of your surgeon
• Cost of materials to be used
• Costs for operating rooms
• Anesthesia-related expenses
• Medications
• Post-surgical compression devices
• Follow-ups

Tips for choosing the right cosmetic surgeon:

Although medical science has undergone a massive transformation in the last 50 years, it is essential for you to be cautious and do your research in choosing your cosmetic surgeon.
Cosmetic surgery will transform your lifestyle for sure, if you are undergoing it under the supervision of a seasoned surgeon. Here are some tips for selecting the best cosmetic surgeon:
• Research about the qualification and experience of the cosmetic surgeon you are thinking to connect with. A well qualified and an experienced cosmetic surgeon should have proper documentation of surgeries performed by him.
• Check your comfort level with a chosen cosmetic surgeon and his surgical procedure.
• Counseling with your cosmetic surgeon is essential for both of you to feel comfortable and for the patient to understand the procedure and the plan that is set out for him.
• Make sure that the operating room is state of the art and all life saving equipment exists. Most centers in India and abroad are housed in shanty 2-3 room retail outlets in busy marketplaces and hygiene can be a great issue.
• Check for the implants and disposable and non-disposable equipments being used for your cosmetic surgical procedure. This is important as the use of high-quality products ensures your safety and efficacy of the process.
• Strictly say No to cosmetic surgeons who market their surgeries through advertisements featuring huge discounts.
• Make sure that you do not need to pay any additional hidden costs for the entire process later.

Cosmetic Surgery at Darling Buds

While you approach us at Darling buds, we will try to fulfill all your aspirations and expectations feasible within the parameters of safety and rationality . Our expert cosmetic surgeons leave no stone unturned to transform your appearance, hence ensuring a positive transformation of your life ahead. Feel free to connect with us and we will be there to attend to all your the best we can. You can also visit us in person to know more about the type of cosmetic surgery you are interested in.