Do hair transplants really work?

Unfortunately I could not catch up with you face to face today. Just sending this email to let you know how grateful I am for your efforts yesterday.

From the beginning when I was initially greeted I felt completed relaxed (well except for my pre-existing fear of injections which you noticed did make me slightly nervous!!).

Your willingness and patience to answer any queries whether they were small or big (in fact you even encouraged this). I especially liked the regular checks during the grafting procedure. These factors, among others, really assured me I had made the right decision choosing DarlingBuds.

In addition I feel it is worth noting the efforts of your implanters who too helped make me feel comfortable. Their professionalism, willingness to answer my questions and general friendliness put me completely at ease.

Once again to reiterate my point – The whole process was first class service and I will definitely recommend yourself and team to others in the UK and wish you continued success.


Cheers ladies and gentlemen,

may I show my progress after 27 weeks to you: Sorry for the delay, I originally planned to upload pictures three weeks ago, but I`ve been way to busy, so here it is now.

My last update is 3 months ago yet (wow, how time flies…), and since then, there has been some new growth and the existing transplanted hairs have grown out and have gained more thickness and structure. Still the texture is not yet as the “normal” hairs and still are growing a little slower.

The little remaining numbness disappeared completely around week 20, the redness around that time, too, and the sensibility only two weeks ago (such as I feel that I don`t have to be uncommonly cautious at all when doing sports, scratching etc.)

I guess from now on there will be only minor changes, I have got the one or the other transplant coming through from time to time, but I guess the overall result is there yet, and I am more than satisfied with it. Big thanks to Dr. Bhatti, you`re the man!

By my own experience, I can confirm now that the interest for transplants in general and hence the forum decreases as progress progresses. I simply don`t think about my hair anymore, no, that`s a lie, I think about it, but in a positive, satisfied way. I don`t “need” to hide my receding hairline anymore and am much more confident. I even think about getting a buzz cut next summer which I never could do because it would have shown my receding hairline blatantly. It`s like a huge personal problem is overcome and I could go on with my life and focus on actually much more important issues of life in general.

I was a little disappointed as the hair looks better in real-life than on the pictures, but that`s OK, better than the other way-around. I did two pictures by which you can get a feeling on how it suits my face, but I don`t want to show my whole face in the Internet, you understand, it`s a privacy issue, face trackers of our good trustful friends at the NSA and so on…

My next update will be at 9, 10 months or so, then I`ll borrow a good camera I guess and get a new hairstyle

If you have any questions, please ask them in my forum thread, thanks and greetings! http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/172093-dr-bhatti-2346-grafts-almost-7-months-progress.htm

I am recommending this center to all my friends, family and acquaintances.

Shailesh Pathak, Delhi

My parting got broader and broader and I panicked! Till I went for hair transplant at Darling Buds.

Samuel McKinney, Alabama (USA)

Skilled Indian doctor, affordable Chinese rates, American standards of care. That is what I got in India.

Big Mac, New Zealand

To my good fortune I was recommended Dr Bhatti.

Z. Aman, UAE

What a wonderful doctor, an incredible team and a homely clean well equipped center. I love Darling Buds.

Timothy Renoir, Port of Spain

Dr Tejinder Bhatti is the best hair transplant surgeon in the world

ZeigZeiglar, USA

They grow hair and they do a great job at it.

Tom Higgins, USA

I came from Germany for a holiday to India and was lucky to get a great transplant with Dr Bhatti

Raulph Harland, London

An international set up and beautifully located. The center is so clean, efficient and professional.

Doug Harris

i am on a computer in Paris where i first clicked your website and can hardly believe every morning when i touch my once bald area ,to find it covered .
it is wonderful though it is -2 DEGREES outside.
i just retouched with black dye after 3 weeks and the outcome is amazing.i hope that was ok.

Patrick Njenga ” –Doug Harris

I love Darling Buds. Thank you guys!

Stanley, Jr., New York

Its a great joy for me to see an Indian doctor performing at the forefront of his craft, even when compared to his peers on a global scale, in a very competitive landscape of hair transplants. I chose Dr Bhatti after meeting with some of the best doctors worldwide including Bosley USA, AHI Australia, DHI Greece, and many of the other big name doctors in India. My reason for choosing Dr Bhatti was because he outshone the other doctors on a combined scale of knowledge and passion for hair transplants, even leaving aside cost where he is also much more competitive. I was very happy with the procedure which was done very professionally in a friendly and caring environment. The results have been great after 6 months of wait. Thank you Team Darling Buds, India.

Mr Harnek, Brisbaine (Australia)

I am doing fine, grafts have taken up very well and donor area is almost healed. It has been exactly one week since the procedure during the Annual FUECON workshop. I am sending today’s photograph for your reference.

Congratulations for successfully conducting FUECON 2012, I am amazed to see your speed of harvesting grafts and almost 0% transection rate in front of a live audience of Indian doctors. Thank you very much for such a wonderful job on me.

Dr Khan (Practicing Hair Transplant Surgeon)

Dr Bhatti is a very nice, experienced, and a genuine surgeon I have ever seen. This is my rd procedure which I have undergone by him.
His expertise in hair transplant is commendable.
The clinic staff is very humble, caring, and respect the patient from the heart.

Sachin Sony

Overall, a very pleasant experience from the enquiry stage to actual procedure. Dr Bhatti and his team are very professional and accommodating , Slight issue encountered with payment through international visa card bit it is being resolved as I write. A seamless process from arrival at the clinic to the end and everything runs like clockwork under the care of Dr Bhatti and his team of competent staff. Great work and now to see the results of the procedure which if is as per expectations, I am sure to recommend many people to Darling Buds (!)

Priya Sharma

Just by inspecting Dr Bhatti’s documented body of work online, I knew this was the real deal.
Contrary to many website galleries of surgeons in America, Dr Bhatti’s patients looked happier on their “after” photo than on the “before” photo!
I think that is the biggest testament on the quality of his work.
Can’t wait to share with others the secret to a successful HT procedure.

Damien, Puerto Rico

Dr Bhatti was able to see me on a short notice. While he does most of the work himself, he has two lovely assistants who do the hard, tedious work of graft implantation. Staff members are friendly and helpful. Just ask them a question, they’ll sort it out for you. About Dr Bhatti- his #1 asset is his enormous experience, some 3000-4000 or more procedures by my rough estimation. For surgeons, you can be confident that he will be bale to perform the procedure almost with his “eyes closed”. His other assets include being approachable and having excellent communication skills. Take my advice you need to clearly communicate your desire(s) to him. If our preferred option is medically feasible, he will do it for you, otherwise he is going to set clear boundaries based on his experience and will say “No!”
To be fair some of us make unreasonable requests. All he does is to make sure the procedure benefits you. Another advice: get yourself a little holiday in Punjab or in India after the procedure.

Finally, the price of the procedure should not be your only consideration. If anything, go by quality. This clinic stands out!

Rahul Ranjan Singh

Came to know about the Clinic through internet reviews. Right attitude with simplified procedures. Well qualified doctor in terms of knowledge and experience. What more can one ask for.Perhaps the best clinic for hair transplant in qualitative terms. Wishing all at Darling Buds all the very Best.

Deepak Arora Delhi