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Are you losing many hair strands regularly?

Hair loss is traumatic for everyone. Stress, pollution, hereditary medical issues, medications, and improper diet are the leading causes of hair loss. At hair transplant clinics we mostly treat those due to genetics- androgenetic alopecia.

Two decades ago if someone came upto you and said he/she can restore your hair back, how would you have felt? You would not have believed him since the procedure was not well known and very few people who underwent it got good results. hence it was not popular. Today everyone has mostly heard how hair transplants can work miracles.
In fact it is not a miracle any more. Hair transplants are based on strong scientific grounds and there are clinics which give good results one case after another. This change in the last 2 decades has been brought about about through keen research and the efforts of some doctors like Dr Tejinder Bhatti who started doing FUE hair transplants in the days when not many would venture into an untrodden path.

At Darling Buds, we have been able to show to the world that great results mostly surpassing what can be achieved through older techniques of hair transplant (FUT, punch grafting, etc.) are routinely achieved. The popularity of FUE hair transplant is therefore due to these early clinics that led the way and made the procedure safe, effective and reproducible in skilled trained hands of qualified surgeons.

Hair transplantation is a Gift of medical science to humanity. Let’s find out how this advanced technique helps you to regain your lost confidence:

What is a FUE hair transplant?

FUE or follicular hair transplantation is a hair transplantation technique, which is in trend these days. This minimally invasive technique top skills and precision to produce desired results.

What is the actual process under FUE hair transplant?

Here is a quick look at how your FUE hair transplantation technique shall proceed by FUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh:

  • At first, your surgeon shall demarcate both your donor and recipient sites from one another.
  • In case your selected donor site falls short of yielding sufficient hair grafts, your doctor may look at other donor sites. These sites may be inclusive of your chest, beard, etc.
  • Next, he shall proceed with the actual extraction of your hair follicles from your donor site, one by one.
  • Without losing time, the surgeon will implant those extracted hair follicles to the recipient site. Art darling Buds, the ANAGEN Q+ technique has been giving great results case after case in Dr Bhatti’s hands since last 10 years of his 20 year old practice.
  • The process is entirely minimally invasive and is efficient enough to leave no visible scars behind.

Although FUE and FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) may sound to be the same, still they carry some differences.

FUE technique versus FUT technique

Not very relevant today with most FUT die-hard surgeons taking to FUE in the last 1-2 years, a discussion still remains relevant.

The main difference between both of them is the way of extracting hair follicles from the donor sites. Remaining hair transplantation process is more or less the same.

Harvesting of hair follicles in FUT is through cutting out a strip from the back and sides of the head. The scar is much more prominent than its counterpart FUE. The extraction of grafts is quick. The surgeon only spends 20-40 minutes in harvesting as compared to 2-3 hours in FUE. Since it is not labor intensive, many surgeons still continue to undertake FUT procedures while publicising FUE to remain relevant.

As both the processes stand different, it is best to consult your surgeon about their pros and cons to you ahead of finalizing your decision.

You can go through the entire FUT vs. FUE debate at-


Why choose us?

Darling Buds is one-of-its-kind international clinic has Top FUE Hair Transplant Doctor in India, totally dedicated towards FUE hair transplantation process. These prominent pointers make us unique in the competition.

  • Dr Bhatti has been featured amongst the world’s TOP 20 Best Hair Transplant Surgeones in the World. Please read- https://www.apetogentleman.com/worlds-best-hair-transplant-doctors/ Also see this video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=9&v=8JaRNZgF1F4
  • Our team is a cluster of well-qualified, well-experienced medical professionals with thorough know-how of all strategies of cutting edge FUE hair transplant.
  • We have an low attrition rate for all our key staff members. All staff are permanent ,happy employees and not itinerant staff. This helps us in standardising our results.
  • Dr Bhatti believes in communicating personally with all his patients to understand their options and suggest hair restoration options and strategies. It is always best if you visit us in person to have a detailed hair analysis. For outstation clients, we initially communicate over emails, video calls, or phone calls whichever is convenient for our clients.
  • We own the latest state of the art medical equipment to produce better results at affordable pricing for all.
  • The Clinic is situated in a hospital owned by Dr Bhatti with full time anesthetist to ensure safety since hair transplant is a surgical procedure. It is not to be taken lightly. The procedure should never be done in small shanty commercial stores and retail outlets converted into clinics which is the norm in India.

How do we do it?

We follow the following steps to perform FUE hair transplant to ensure safety in surgery and complete client satisfaction:

1. Preparation of the donor region for follicular hair extraction

  • First, we shall be analyzing your hair and scalp to conclude whether you are the right candidate for an FUE hair transplant or not.
  • Next thing, Dr Bhatti shall identify specific recipient areas and customize a plan for you.
  • He shall then trim off hair from your donor region. In so doing this himself, Dr Bhatti with feel will be able to identify the safe donor zone and which areas to avoid. This facilitates him in easy identification of stronger and healthier hair follicles to act as donor hairs.

2. The actual process of extraction

After preparing your donor region and asepticising it, Dr Bhatti shall remove individual follicular units one in every 5 follicular units to preserve your scalp donor from over-harvesting. He will make circular incisions using 0.75-0.8 mm specialised trademarked punches and the staff will help him in extracting those safely. This process is called harvesting.

The hair grafts are extracted with the aid of fine forceps (tweezer-like surgical instruments).

3. Grafting

  • We make a similar incision using customised CIT blades on your recipient region to give you a perfectly natural look.
  • Once done, we strategically place all the extracted follicles one by one. This cannot be done by the DHT technique since once all grafts are harvested we need to plan placement and not before when we do not know how many singles, doubles and triples can be extracted. These direct techniques are mere gimmicks.
  • This way, we achieve naturalness and volume in your thinning regions.
  • Whatever tiny incisions stay behind, shall undergo a process of complete healing within a few days. The skin becomes watertight in just 36 hours sealing the roots 4 mmm dep under the skin well protected from the outside environment.
  • Within the next6-9 months, you will be pleased to have voluminous hair growth in the targeted region. But every persons growth is different and depends upon his unique characteristics.

What cost will you bear for your FUE hair transplant?

Currently, we have two different packages available:

  • The premium package shall cost you around 99 INR per graft.
  • The standard package shall cost you around 89 INR per graft. GST is presently bundled together with the costing. Hence it is not confusing. Learn about the inclusions and exclusions in both these packages on the Cost of Hair Transplant page in the website.

Advantage of both the packages:

Throughout the procedure, we Dr Bhatti ensure 100 percent of the following steps are done exclusively by him:

  • Hairline design
  • Trimming
  • Local anesthesia
  • Graft harvesting
  • Strategic Planning of placement
  • Slit making
  • Supervision of plantation
  • First day cleaning and dressing of donor area and instructions

Additionally first 5 e-mails before procedure and all e-mails after procedure are personally answered by Dr Bhatti to avoid confusions and maintain continuity. We go the extra mile in maintaining lasting relationship with our patients.

For more information, please do feel free to write to us at drbhatti@darlingbuds.com or ring us at 9814531111.


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