Spex Certified World’s Best Doctors & Clinics for Hair Transplant 2019 is out.
We are again the only center outside of North America & Europe to be included in this Exclusive List at:

Spencer Stevenson aka Spex is the most popular Hair Loss mentor in the UK and in the World. He is a prolific blogger and is a frequently seen on TV and youtube channels where he is regarded by the media houses as an authority on hair loss and hair transplants.

Spex has a website where he promotes doctors he feels are upto his strict norma and those that follow safe and effective hair restoration techniques and procedures.

Darling buds Clinic has been associated with Spex since over 10 years now.

The Top 20 List of Hair Transplant Surgeons that he publishes each year since several years now has always featured Dr. Bhatti as among the Best in the World.

It is pertinent to note that Dr. Bhatti has been the only Asian doctor to have found this pride of place on Spex’ List of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world.

This to us is a humbling recognition and encourages us to strie harder to not only maintain our position amongst the World’s best but to continue to deliver even better care to the clients that visit us for counseling and for hair restoration surgery in India.