Temporal Triangle Restoration in Hair Transplant

100 temple point designs in hair transplant


We have often times realised that lack of temple triangles makes the individual look older than his age. This happens even in people with a head full of hair. On the contrary, even a completely bald individual with well preserved temple points looks the same age as he would if he had a head full of hair. This is the most important advantage of having well placed full temple triangles to frame a face in all cases that lack them.

A successful modern day hair transplant has to not only grow lush hair on the head but also should make it look esthetic, youthful and natural which is achieved not only through a soft hairline. Other parameters like a well-framed face through temple point reconstruction, etc. underline the signature of the hair restoration surgeon.

The points to be kept in mind while reconstructing effaced temple points are-:

1. Overall facial profile

2. Age

3. Ethnicity

4. Objectives of the patient

5. Acceptable surgical norms of temple point reconstruction

6. Angle of exit of hair

7. Curl of the hair shaft

The talk shall incorporate a video to demonstrate the proper alignment of temple point, the direction of placement and results.