Why Sikh Pattern Traction Alopecia Patients Will Not Settle For Less Hair Plantation Density!

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Sikh pattern traction alopecia occurs in Sikh boys in the tender teen years when due to the tight bun that they wear, the hair are iprooted and more so along the hairline. This casuses emotional problems especially when they wear their hair short.

The hair density in Sikh pattern traction alopecia needs to match or give the illusion of a full head of hair since these patients are not suffering from baldness. (androgenetic alopecia). It is only a physical hair loss due to traction.

Since they also have scarring in the areas of hair loss, treating Sikh pattern alopecia patients becomes quite a challenging avocation.

At Darling Buds Clinic, we have been doing hair transplant in Sikhs suffering from traction alopecia for a long long time now and our center has the richest and most diverse experience in managing this form of hair loss that is not androgenetic in nature.

Sikh pattern traction alopecia is also compounded by yet another problem.

The donor scalp area that is the permanent zone for harvesting grafts is often affected by the traction alopecia too, considerably decreasing the number of grafts available.

Whereas in normal androgenetic alopecia patients, 1500-1800 grafts suffice for the hairline and temple points, in traction alopecia the temple points are extensively damaged and they require their large surface areas to be filled.

It is not uncommon therefore, to see requirements for the hairline reaching upto 3000-3500 scalp grafts. Though achievable in most cases, those with a compromised scalp donor will either have to return after 6 months for further filling with more grafts, or as a last resort, body hair transplant can be done in which we utilise hair from other regions like the shadow area of the beard and the chest, etc.

Once done, and the result achieved after 6-9 months, a patient with Sikh pattern traction alopecia is a happy patient forever. His condition is not progressive and hence his results will look good for a very long time to come.


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