Rogaine – Its role to control hair shedding and shock loss after a hair transplant

In the last 3 years we at Darling Buds Hair Transplants in India have conducted a study on the role of Minoxidil (2-5%) in decreasing shock loss after hair transplant and shedding of grafts after a hair transplant procedure.
256 male patients after a hair transplant were subjected to this medication applied locally starting 2 weeks post procedure once the crusts came off. We started with 2 % Minoxidil for 2 weeks and if there was no evidence of a reaction ( reddish discoloration, intense itching and swelling of the skin) we increased the dosage to 5%. 67 patients reacted to the Rogaine and were used as controls for the study. The Rogaine was applied once a day and left for 12 hours overnight when it was washed off.
It was found that in the segment of patients who applied Minoxidil, an average 67% of planted grafts remained without shedding. Most hair that shed did so at an average 17.3 weeks after the procedure. In the control study, 86.5 % planted hair was shed average within 3.6 weeks after the procedure. 88% patients who used Rogaine after their hair transplant were very happy after the procedure as compared to 66% patients in the control group. 96% patients who applied Rogaine also took Finasteride (Propecia) while 84 % patients in the control group took Finasteride after the hair transplant. The patients who took both Rogaine and Propecia, had 1.6 times better outcomes at the 5 month mark than the segment that did not take either Propecia or Rogaine.
The advantages of Rogaine after the procedure are 3-fold:
1. Catalyses the growth of planted grafts in the recipient area
2. Prolongs the anagen phase of the hair cycle
3. Decreases post surgical telogen effluvium (shock loss).

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