Redness in chest donor area (Body hair transplant) at 2 weeks postprocedure

chest donor site.

Scarring is visible on the chest after BHT harvest for 45 days:

The chest and beard areas are often used as donor areas in extensive baldness when the scalp donor is not sufficient. Chest hairs have also been used for softening the hairline and for crown filling for naturalness.

The scalp and beard donor areas after harvest are concealed with native hair that grows out and camouflages the harvested areas.

This is not the case for chest harvest. Moreover, with constant rubbing of vest and shirt with this area, the donor area looks red till 6 weeks are over.
The redness and swollen scars are maximum due to collagen realignment at Day 17.
Subsequently, it will start to get better and better each passing day till 6-12 weeks.
After 9-12 months it is barely visible in the vast majority of fair-skinned people.

The same area of the chest can be reharvested after 6 months.

It is to be noted that all hair on the chest is not worthy of being harvested. The chest hair on and inner to the breast mounds are best for harvesting and their survival is maximum. Other chest hairs are like belly hair that have a long growth cycle and hence their growth after relocation in a hair transplant cannot be predicted.

A person can usually get 1000-1500 grafts harvested from the chest in a lifetime.