FUT Donor Scars | Are they visible after hair transplant?

100 FUT hair transplant strip scars

Visible FUT hair transplant scars have over a period of time been despised by the younger population since the last 10 years due to which FUE hair transplant technique has become the method of choice for those seeking a hair transplant.

The discussion of FUT vs. FUE does not hold as much importance today as it did just 2 years ago FUE is minimally invasive and a method of hair transplant that is more patient-friendly though laborious for the hair transplant physician.

The foremost reason why patients prefer FUE technique vs FUT technique is simply due to the following factors-
1. Less downtime
2. Minimally invasive procedure
3. Cherry-picking allows better quality grafts to be selected and this translates to great results not earlier seen in FUT
4. Less visible scarring

The last factor is what many patients would like to enquire about.

Today it is not usual to see many FUT scars in practice since this procedure is not usually done.

I had to look up my archives to fish out some FUT scars that I have seen in my practice in a 6 months period long time back in 2013. I had it in my mind to make a video but could not due to paucity of time. Now that I have time during the mandatory lockdown period, I am making this video.

The purpose of this video is to facilitate patients to do their own research. Such patients are few are far between, those who desire a FUT hair transplant. But they need to be given the data they desire.

I have no bias towards FUT having practised it for from 1996-2009 myself with good results at a time when it was the only technique available.

In fact, I myself have had both procedures of hair transplant done on me- FUT in 2007 and FUE in 2013.

It should be noted that an FUT surgeon offering FUE and an FUE surgeon considering FUT should be looked at with suspicion. Both techniques do not work well with one doctor.

We have a host of FUT clinics these days offering Robotic FUE but when clients go there, they are witness to how they are discouraged from going in for FUE and are subjected to the greatest marketing talk of the many benefits of FUT vs FUE.
For these people, so they can make up their minds, this video is intended.