What is the difference between hair, follicular unit, and graft?
Hairs naturally grow in follicular units of one, two or three groups which is extracted together, and implanted to grow in a very natural way. This may also be referred to as a strand and when harvested it is called a graft. A graft on average contains 2.3 hairs (range: 1-4 hairs).
In which cases is FUE better than strip technique?
In our practice we believe FUE is suited for all cases in which FUT is indicated. However there are cases in which strip will not be possible but in which FUE is eminently recommended eg. Low donor density, revision cases in which the scalp donor has been over harvested, body hair transplant, etc. FUE is the only method by which adequate cover can be given as hair can be extracted from the head as well as the body in various sittings. This is ideal for revision cases. Various sittings can be given in consecutive days or later on to give “add on” hair.
What are the different techniques of hair transplantation?

Essentially there are only 2 techniques of hair transplant, the most popular today being FUE.

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction whereby at our center we use the Safe Scribe FUE system of James Harris with blunt 0.75-0.85 mm size micropunches for harvesting. The technique differs from FUT (strip method) only in the harvesting technique. Plantation is done in a similar fashion in both techniques.

FUT(Strip method)- A strip of skin containing hair follicles is cut out from the back of the head stretching from one ear to the other. This procedure takes around 40 minutes and the strip is handed over to the technical staff who take over the rest of the procedure. The procedure after the strip has been harvested entails- slivering, graft cutting, slit making and then plantation. The plantation remains the same as in FUE.