Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center Blog in Feedspot Top 50 Hair Transplant Blogs


Our blogsite has been listed as the Top 50 influencers in the field of Hair Transplant the world over.

The blogsite has been under constant updation with the latest knowledge in the field of specialization of doctor Bhatti sine 2007. Dr. Bhatti is a consistent blogger and he provides relevant and useful content to his followers on social media platforms.

He takes pride in himself writing all content. All posts reflect his philosophy and thought on various issues and also the negative factors that adversely impact hair transplant industry and patient outcomes.

Most people see a blogsite as a boost to SEO (search engine optimization). Thus the content is written by hired content writes and webmasters. Since they are created for only promotion they usually do not reflect the philosophy of the doctor. Even most times the doctor is not aware of what is on his website.

To develop and strengthen the relationship with past, current, and future clients, Dr. Bhatti is particular about what content goes out on the web from Darling Buds Clinic.

This has established Darling Buds Clinic as an industry leader in the field of surgical hair restoration worldwide and has strengthened the brand Darling Bus.