Custom Course

We all know that the greatest challenge is to get clients for a hands on experience. Dr Tejinder Bhati’s Fast- Track FUE Learning Program helps you in overcoming this hesitation and challenge by providing you the following options to train-

1. Attend the Annual FUECON- the hands on Rapid FUE Harvest Live Operative Workshop with 29 other physicians every 6 months. This is a 2 day workshop which is the best introductory course that prepares you for a career in hair restoration. Essentially being an introductory course conducted by experts in the field, our experts can counsel you regarding your abilities to embark upon a full fledged career in this sunrise industry. The course is extremely cost effective and is therefore much sought after. The seats fill up 6 months before the start of the course. 2011 and 2012 courses were so successful that we have now introduced biannual courses due to the fact that as per policy we do not take more than 30 candidates for the hands- on course.

2. Once you have decided on a career in hair restoration, we shall help you in making your dream come true. The courses we offer are the following-

(a) Basic Hands-On Course for FUT doctors: This 6 day course is the best for FUT strip surgeons to make a switch from FUT to FUE. All FUT surgeons and physicians aspire to make this shift. Since their’s is a busy practice, we train them in the nuances of the technique in a short term high exposure program. This is a popular program for this segment of doctors.

(b) Basic Hands-On Course for Newcomers: This 12 day course is essentially designed to take you through all the aspects of hair transplant and not just the harvesting technique. The course is best for neophyte hair transplant surgeons and physicians who aspire to greater heights. Dr Tejinder Bhatti trains only one such physician/ surgeon at a time and so you should be assured of his undivided attention when you are with him.

(c) Advanced Certified FUE Course: This month long course shall equip plastic surgeons/ dermatologists with the requisite theoretical knowledge, practical experience and business acumen to start your practice from scratch. It is well known that Dr Bhatti’s trainees have hit the ground running after reaching their home town/ country. With over 38 doctors of the 128 doctors who have undergone training having succeeded in their regions, Dr Bhatti’s seamless training initiative is now renowned the world over attracting one trainee every week from across the globe.

(d) The 6 month Experience for the Committed: This exhaustive course is recommended for doctors who do not have surgical experience. This course can be split in parts over one full year.