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Face Lift

Mini Facelift

A mini-facelift, intended to target the neck and lower two-thirds of the face, repositions the skin to remove sagginess and wrinkling. Results are quickly evident and natural, revealing smoother, more youthful facial contours and skin. Many mini-facelift patients are in the early stages of visible aging or seeking enhancement of a previously performed facelift.

Mini-facelifts are different from a full facelift as they do not target the eye area. Comparable to the S-Lift method, the mini-facelift is especially good for the sagging skin around the frown lines called the nasolabial folds. If you are otherwise happy with how your eyes and forehead look, but feel like you look older around the mouth, the mini-facelift or S-Lift methods could be a viable option. During your consultation, ask the surgeon what he or she would recommend based on your age and the extent of your excess skin.


Facial surgery aims to improve the contours of the face and the neck and thereby reduce evidence of ageing. Sagging skin is removed and tightened . It is a significant operation and raises lots of questions in the patient’s mind, some of the FAQ’s are listed below.

Typical Minimum Cost of Mini Facelift:

USA $2,680 India (Rupees 1,50,000) Typical Maximum Cost of Mini Facelift:

Time Required for Mini Facelift:

It can take about 40-90 minutes to perform mini-facelift surgery. Time requirements can vary depending on the amount of work being performed.

Is Mini Facelift an InPatient or OutPatient Procedure?


What are the Side Effects of Mini Facelift?

Mini-Facelift side effects include temporary discomfort, bruising, and numbness.

How Long do Mini Facelift results last?

Mini-facelift results can last for about 5-10 years, but depending on the patient’s lifestyle and will be effected by continued aging, gravity, and the elements.

What is the recovery time for Mini Facelift?

Day 1-2 You will return home with a bandage over the area, and should continue to wear this for the first 48 hours after of mini-facelift recovery

Day 1-7 It is recommended that facelift patients keep the head elevated when resting and sleeping during the initial stage of mini-facelift recovery

Day 7 Sutures are usually removed about one week after surgery. Most patients are able to return to work just several days after surgery, but depending on your job, you may want to wait unti after the sutures are removed to go back to work.

Will my insurance company cover Mini Facelift?

Because of the cosmetic nature of a mini-facelift, insurance is usually not involved.

Is there much discomfort for Mini Facelift?

After a mini-facelift, discomfort will likely be moderate, but can be controlled with oral pain medication and cold compresses.

What types of anesthesia is necessary for Mini Facelift?

The mini-facelift anesthesia of choice is usually local with sedation, though general anesthesia may also be opted for.

What else can I combine Mini Facelift with?

For enhanced results, a mini-facelift can be combined with:

  • Facial Implants
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brow Lift
  • Forehead Lift
What else is Mini Facelift referred to as?

Skin-only Lift. Subcutaneous Facelift. S-lift. Weekend Facelift.

Is there a common technique for face lift procedures?

Techniques for face lift surgeries vary depending on the surgeon, generally the surgeon begins by separating the skin from the underlying layers of muscle and fat. After liposuctioning excess fat the surgeon tightens the facial muscles and membranes, then the surgeon pulls the skin back and cuts away the extra skin.

Is facelift surgery performed under general anaesthesia?

Not necessarily. Face lifts are typically performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. Sometimes, however, a surgeon may choose to use general anaesthesia.

Do I need a chin implant?

If your chin appears balanced with the forehead and the face , then you do not need to consider a chin implant.

If I had a face lift somewhere else, and I don’t like the results, can this be fixed?

Although patients may want immediate adjustments to the original face lift, they should wait one full year before undergoing revision face lift surgery. But surgeons usually advice the patient to give their face lift every possible opportunity to ‘settle’ and refine before undergoing another surgery.

How long will the bruising and swelling last?

Post operative bruising and swelling begins to resolve at the end of the first week. Full resolution of bruising and swelling may take two to three weeks. However, you can camouflage bruises fairly easily at 7 to 10 days with concealer stick.

I really want a face lift, but I’m nervous. What if I get stressed?

It’s ok to be nervous. One of the best ways to deal with nervousness is to see what other patients have gone through. Take a moment to look at before and after photos . Remember an educated patient knows when and if the time is right to proceed.

What if I have a bad history of scars?

Scars on the rest of the body typically are not an indication for how patients heal following facial surgery. At the time of consultation, it’s important to show your surgeon any previous scars that are of concern to you, so that he can give you a realistic assessment of your healing potential following your face lift.

Are there any dietary restrictions after the surgery?

Not usually, the patient can eat a balanced diet. To prevent dehydration please drink as much juices and nutritional fluid as possible. Avoid excessive salted foods, as swelling increases with salt intake.

Are there any instructions about regular activities post surgery?

Sleep with head of the bed elevated or use 2 to 3 pillows for a week. Facial fullness, headache and disrupted sleep are very normal post operative symptoms and will decrease as the healing process occurs. Absolutely no bending, lifting or straining.

What does it feel like when I wake up from surgery?

Most patients report only mild discomfort associated with some tightness or pulling most noticeable under the chin. This subsides after 3 weeks.

What type of complications are possible after a facial surgery?

Face lift surgery risks include infection, bleeding, nerve damage and delayed healing. Usually very few patients develop complications from a face lift surgery.

What won’t a face lift surgery correct?

Face lifts can produce a dramatic improvement in appearance for patients. However, face lifts do not stop the ageing process. In time signs of ageing will gradually appear once again. Further face lifts will not rejuvenate the brow, eye lids and nose.

Who is a good candidate for face lift surgery?

Ideal candidates are those who are seeking improvement for sagging facial skin ,they should be physically healthy desiring improvement rather than perfection.

Am I too young for a face lift?

Most patients are of about 40 years old or more. However, if a younger person has a substantially loose skin he/she can opt for a face lift.

What is a face lift?

The face lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to improve the signs of ageing, by tightening muscles beneath the skin of the neck and removing excess fat so as to improve the overall appearance and rejuvenate the face.

Will I be able to see a computer generated image of my projected results?

During your initial consultation the staff may photograph you and use computer imaging to show you an after image of the results of your surgery will strive to accomplish with a face lift.

Is there a lot of swelling involved with a face lift?

You can expect considerable swelling at day 3.Your face may look quite normal the next day after your surgery, but then it will begin to swell, you may not recognize yourself, do not be alarmed, this will subside, and you will be delighted in the changes you see in 2 weeks.

I’m concerned about my privacy?

Confidentiality is one of the major advantages most of the clinics offer and as a result attract patients to visit these clinics and finally undergo the cosmetic surgeries.

I take vitamins and supplements , do I need to stop them before my surgery?

Most vitamins and supplements have few side effects. However, there are some such as Vitamin E that effects bleeding during surgery. The surgeon will provide you a medication list with the do’s and don’ts of your medication.

How long will my face lift results last?

The results of a face lift are long lasting, but the natural ageing process may cause the skin to sag once again.

Will it be too obvious that I’ve had a face lift?

If a face lift is performed correctly there should be no surgical signs. The goal is to help the patient look more youthful.

Is a face lift surgery painful?

Although the process is extensive, there is usually very little pain associated with face lift surgery.

Will the scars disappear? Where will the scars be?

Plastic surgeons are very good at minimizing and hiding scars. There will be scars which usually heal as fine lines. The scars are usually hidden in natural skin folds and creases.

Will a face lift help the dark circles and bags under my eyes?

A face lift may provide some improvement , however to get complete results you could team up your face lift surgery with an eye tuck (Blepharoplasty).

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