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The intact hymen is considered the world over as the sign of virginity.

In India, due to social compulsions, brides are considered virgins and there is a great premium attached to virginity.
As a result, hymen restoration has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures for women in India, and around the world.

In today’s world this attitude and wish for revirgination would invite cynicism from those who do not understand Indian culture. However, every culture has its peculiarities and idiosyncracies.

At Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh we perhaps do the largest number of hymenoplasties in India.

The purpose of this procedure is to ‘regain’ virginity surgically wherein the plastic surgeon nimbly stitches up the remnants of the torn hymen. During consummation of the wedding, a few drops of blood stain the sheet and the husband is reassured that he has won a virgin bride!

However, a few points need to be kept in mind while considering hymenoplasty-

  1. The procedure is best done 10 days before the wedding/ consummation.
  2. In case you need to fully rejuvenate the vagina with complimentary technique like reduction of protruding inner lips of the vagina and vaginal tightening, these procedures should be carried out 6 weeks before the wedding/ consummation.
  3. Hymenoplasty and other procedures are done under local anesthesia and you can walk out of the clinic after one hour of getting them done.
  4. Complete privacy is assured. Ask us how.


What is the hymen and Hymenoplaty?

The hymen is a mucous membrane partially covers the bottom of the external opening of the vagina.The size of the intact hymen varies for each woman. In some cases it is found that some women are not even born with a hymen. Hymenoplsty is a surgical procedure in which a woman’s hymen is reconstructed.

How is Hymen Restoration at Dr Bhatti's Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh, India?

Hymen Restoration that is hymenoplasty a cosmetic surgical procedure which is some time referred as hymen tightening, hymen repair surgery and hymen restoration. A consultation is arranged with a patient to discuss the case. After knowing case the patient under goes gynecological examination, as per the examination patient is advised to how to prepare for hymenoplasty and a briefing is given about what to do before and after the surgery. After completion of consultation about hymen restoration, a date for the procedure is schedule.

What are the Complications and risks in hymenoplasty?

Every surgery carries the possibilities of complications. The risks from labaplasty are similar to those from other operations: allergic reactions to anaesthesia, bleeding, infection, scarring, swelling, and bruising. Risks associated with labiaplasty include changes in sensation, changes in pigmentation, or asymmetry.
You can avoid most complications by choosing the right surgeon and following pre- and postoperative instructions.

Why would a woman want to undergo hymenoplasty at Dr Bhatti's Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh, India?

To get the assured best quality surgery from internationally renewed surgeon, women under goes hymen restoration surgery from Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh and here total secrecy of ones procedure and identity are maintained.

Does hymenoplasty hurt?

The procedure is done under local anaesthesia, there is no pain felt during the procedure.

When can one expect to return to work?

The patient can go to her work from next day after surgery. It’s not a major surgery like any organ transplant, but it’s a very simple procedure which takes 1 to 2 hours.

How will intercourse feel after hymenoplasty?

Once you’ve fully recovered, sexual intercourse may feel the same as when your hymen was first ruptured. Some bleeding will occur and you may feel discomfort.

Who is a candidate for hymenoplasty?

In some cultures, women can actually find their lives disgraceful danger if they are found not to have an intact hymen on their wedding night, regardless of how the hymen was initially ruptured. For these women, a hymenoplasty is more than a simple cosmetic procedure. Other women consider hymenoplasty because their first sexual experience was unpleasant, or occurred against their will. Some women undergo the procedure because they want to experience a “first time” with a long-term partner.

How long is the recovery time?

The surgical procedure for a hymenoplasty is relatively simple. It can be performed under local anesthetic with no hospitalization, and one can return to most of your regular activities the next day. It takes six to eight weeks to complete heeling; during this one cannot engage in sexual activity, exercise to avoid disrupting the healing process.

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