Dermatologist in Chandigarh, India

Mohali (Chandigarh) based, Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh specializes in diagnosing and treating the dermatological problems. The surgery Centre is dedicated to improving the quality of life through advanced techniques. As a Board Certified surgeon with extensive experience, Dr Tejinder Bhatti considers both the reconstructive and aesthetic aspects of each case unique-offering patients the very best results possible. The Centre treats male and female hair loss, Psoriasis, fungal infections and skin allergies in addition to Cyro surgery and war removals.

Over the past many years the team has strengthened and our happy patients from India, USA, UK, Canada and from various other countries helped build an excellent reputation. Our dermatologists bring breadth of expertise and dedication to the maintenance of healthy flawless skin. Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s professional accomplishments result of a dedication to knowledge that has frequently taken him around the world to learn the latest, most effective surgical methods in rejuvenate cosmetic surgery and dermatology services.

Private Clinic For Dermatology Services in Chandigarh, India

Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh is a private clinic which continually updates and improves the treatment protocols. For the patients who need the dermatology treatment can trust us because we use the latest, highly effective, safest and most suitable treatment for their skin. As soon as you consult with the Chandigarh, India’s best dermatologist, they will be dedicatedly proceed to diagnoses and a well planned treatment.

Our dermatology services include:

  • Cryo Surgery: It is also known as cryotherapy or cryo-ablation. This surgery technique is performed to treat certain malignancies in the body and works by rapidly freezing out tissue cells thus destroying them. It can also be used to destroy abdominal cervical cells, which may result in cancer. The process includes freezing the required area under extremely cold conditions and then destroy the diseased tissues.
  • Mole Removal: These are painless and harmless skin pigments that are normally found in different parts of the body. They can sometimes represent some troubles to the individual depending upon their size and area where they present themselves. If you have moles or a wart around your face or anywhere on body, don’t worry. We can recommend many procedures that will remove the mole or wart permanently. Laser, surgery, freezing using liquid nitrogen is some of the most popular procedures that we use to treat the moles and wart.
  • Fungal Infection: Fungal infections on the skin are probably the most common kinds of infections. Most common fungal infections occur in the ringworms, jock itch and foot. These fungal infections are usually harmless, but sometimes they can pose some skin infections. Some of the deadliest fungal infections include fungal meningitis and other fungal infections in the bloodstream. But when the best dermatologist is available in Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh, you don’t have to worry. We can advise the best possible solution to treat them and once you agree, we treat them accordingly.

If you need any of our dermatology services, consult with one of senior dermatologists of Dr Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic Chandigarh. We can help you get your glowing and rejuvenated skin back. So come to us and leave behind all your skin problems!