17th Apr 2017

How to find a plastic surgeon you can trust

If you are considering plastic surgery for yourself, this is very important. Take the time to read it slowly and carefully.
There is a best way for you to select your plastic surgeon, and there are some poor ways. Let’s take a look at how people select a plastic surgeon, and discuss the pros and cons of each method.
The best way:
The best way to select your plastic surgeon is to do your own research. Take your time. Interview at least two or three plastic surgeons, and see examples of their work. Look at their before and after pictures. Make sure you like the results of the doctor’s work and that you feel you have a good rapport with him. That way, you have made a rational, informed decision for yourself. Don’t just blindly take someone else’s recommendation. Anyone who refers you to a plastic surgeon has far less at stake in the outcome than you do, so it’s up to you to take responsibility for finding the best doctor.
Other ways, mostly unsatisfactory:

  • Get a recommendation from your family doctor.

Your family doctor is busy, and probably doesn’t make a career out of carefully evaluating every plastic surgeon in town. He might refer you to a couple of plastic surgeons whom he knows well, and the best plastic surgeon in town might not get mentioned. Your doctor very possibly does not know the quality or lack of quality of the plastic surgeons whose names he gives you.

  • Get a recommendation from a satisfied patient.

That patient might be satisfied with the results he achieved, not knowing that a different doctor could have done much, much better.

  • Get a referral from a free dialing service.

A hospital referral line will send you at random to one of the plastic surgeons who has paid for the advertisement. These suggestions don’t take skill or patient satisfaction into account at all.

  • Get a recommendation from your cosmetologist or hair stylist.

Actually, this may be a reasonable way to select a plastic surgeon, second only to doing your own research. Your cosmetologist is in the appearance business, sees the scars and the results, isn’t afraid to talk to the clients, and probably has seen and compared the work of many of the local plastic surgeons. If your cosmetologist is experienced, it’s not a bad place to start.