Coronavirus, Humanity & Hair Transplant


In India, we’re in the 5th day of our lockdown.

CoronaVirus is a faceless enemy we all have to collectively vanquish.

Corona, like most diseases that have battered the human race, knows no distinction of caste, color, religion or race. It cuts through all denominations regardless.

The reality is now sinking it. We have come to realize that it’s going to be a long drawn out summer in India full of challenges we never prepared ourselves for at the domestic, commercial or national levels. But humanity has seen far worse. It is during times of hardship like these that our collective resolve to fight becomes stronger and our inner human values of love, compassion and charity come to the fore. I am sure these times will soon be behind us and will bring us all together and unify mankind for a long time.

In spite of these disorderly and crazy times, there will still be life on the other side of this pandemic when it is over and man will continue to inhabit this earth and mankind flourish. But we will carry with us the lessons we have learned. To stay away from hatred and live life as naturally as God willed us to do.

The next few months are not going to be the same. Our workplace will take time to recover as will the world economy.

What is going to take us out of this natural disaster will be our boundless resilience, the courage of the mind and body, and most importantly respect for one another.

So Stay indoors & stay safe!

God is with us!