Consumer Alert – For those who seek a Hair Transplant


For the attention of those seeking hair restoration through hair transplant.

The first hair transplant is your only chance at a great outcome.
As you well know through your research and consultations, there are numerous hair transplant clinics. In bigger cities, every street in a commercial area will have a few signs.

Therefore it may be difficult to decide which clinic to go to. Due to the ever-growing popularity of the procedure, some unethical commercial businesses without any medical background, have opened up hair transplant clinics by the 100s. They employ questionable, poorly trained and may times unlicensed technicians to perform the whole procedure, while all this time keeping the client uninformed. This is against all medical ethics and has spelt disaster on more occasions than one.

Many times we read in the News about these clinics but still get tempted carried away due to the out of the world offers unbelievable discounts they offer. One visit to these clinics will give you an indication of how many clients they service per day! You just have to sit in the park opposite for one-half day and you get the gist of what I am driving at. They are Hair Mills and Hair Factories, and not clinics by any stretch of the imagination.

On the other hand, some other clinics are Jack-of-all-trades and will offer Lasers, cosmetic surgery, dental work, etc by the same doctor doing your hair transplant!
Therefore research is important.

How do you do the Research? By just visiting them once and spending a few hours talking to their clients. This time you spend doing research will be a huge reward in the near future.

Beware of False Advertising!
Most of our clients come to us through word of mouth. We rarely if ever advertise. We are only present on social media and have a website for information purposes only, not to lure patients.

At Darling Buds Clinic like other Top 20 World’s Best Hair Transplant Clinics, we will:
-Perform close to one surgery a day and you will receive all the care and attention by the doctor himself.
-Follow best & safe practices in surgical rooms
-Maintain sterility of environment & equipment used
-Not re-use instruments to cut costs
-Provide reliable testimonials and share case studies
-Will not try and sell the procedure. Hence we will charge for a consultation to remain economically viable.
-Perform exclusive hair transplant surgery.

Be affiliated to World’s Top Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) and the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) which place patient before politics and commerce, and have a stringent evaluation system before recommending clinics.

As the only IAHRS member in the region, acceptance into the Society demands practitioners meet high ethical standards, have skills and experience to give satisfactory results in a safe environment with a visceral commitment to the art and science of hair transplantation. Dr. Bhatti is also a member of the AHLA, FUE Europe, etc.