Caucasian woman hair transplant testimonial.


Hair transplant in women is different from hair transplant in men for the following reasons-

1. A woman mostly has unrealistic expectations from a hair transplant

2. In female pattern hair loss, the donor area too is undergoing miniaturisation and graft availability is very low in most unless a female has come in just for  lowering of her hairline or creating a widow’s peak- circumstances where there is no genetic hair loss.

A lady will seldom allow complete trimming of her hair.


This makes a female hair transplant much more challenging as contrasted to a male hair transplant.

Usually in women through the “no shave technique” we can extract upto 1500-1800 scalp grafts. However in those mentioned below we can achieve much higher figures-

1. Female wanting lowering or adjustment of hairline

2. Transsexuals wanting a hairline gender reassignment.


Caucasian woman hair transplant testimonial