Caucasian Hair Transplant using FUE technique gives better results

caucasian hair transplant

Caucasian hair is characterized by light color, fine caliber, less contrast between skin and hair tones and lastly but most importantly by the compact nature of follicular units that form a graft.

Caucasian hair transplants have been done by us at Darling Buds since 2007 and we have extensive experience with this racial type.

Compact follicular units that are straight in orientation and parallel to one another afford lesser transaction rates as low as 0.5 % in some clients. This gives a higher graft density per square cm and a high-density result follows.

Caucasians, therefore, need a small diameter punch size which in turn decreases scarring and allows more grafts to be harvested.

Also since the punch size is lesser, the crusts that form are smaller and separate by 7-10 days. This decreases the downtime of recovery after a hair transplant.

Less contrast between skin and hair tones renders a greater illusion of full density as compared to any other racial group.

Caucasian Hair Transplant using the FUE technique gives better results than any other racial group.

This is due to the inherent peculiar characteristics of Caucasian hair morphology, texture and hair color as mentioned above.

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