Can A Hair Transplant Go Wrong?

The hair is a crucial part of our self-image that could boost our self-esteem. Many people feel inadequate when their hair falls out. Some find themselves losing their self-confidence. All of this can be easily brought back through hair transplants.
Among all the cosmetic surgeries, hair transplant is a common procedure that both men and women opt for. From the famous celebrities to your neighbours, a lot have performed hair transplants. A good hair transplant surgery can make one’s hair look absolutely normal and make them feel secure and confident in the way they look.
But the truth is, not all hair transplants end on a good note. There have been some bad hair transplant procedures which have ended far worse than the original condition. This varies from clinic to clinic. Even the best clinic will have one odd case per 100 who will have a result not consonant with his expectation.

What Are The Effects of A Bad Hair Transplant?

When a hair transplant ends up wrong, there can be any number of bad results from it.

• The hair transplant can result in a significant and visible scar on the head.
• There can be bits of hair growth in clusters all around the head with some bland spots in the middle.
• The hair transplant can cause cysts on the head which will be septic and result in many more problems.
• A badly performed hair transplant procedure can result in haemorrhage.
• Swelling on the head is also another issue that can be due to the build of fluids.
• After a hair transplant, the hair thinning may occur in certain sections.
These are just some of the problems and side effects when a hair transplant goes wrong. Most of these issues are due to ignorance, complacency or negligence of the plastic surgeon.

Why Is It Important to Choose A Right Surgeon

There are a lot of plastic surgeons who perform hair transplant in India. But some of these surgeons are unqualified or inexperienced to perform a hair transplant and choosing such surgeons could result in a bad experience.

These inexperienced surgeons may be unaware of the exact procedure to perform a hair transplant or cannot handle a complication when it does appear. There are also certain prerequisites that need to check in a patient before a hair transplant which could be neglected by some surgeons. All of these mistakes on the part of the surgeon combined with the lack of proper knowledge could end up worsening the patient’s hair and giving them side effects.

It is important to choose the right plastic surgeon not in the advertisements you see each day but on their credentials and their past experience. You can check out the reviews of the surgeon and the clinic on the internet in different forums to see the experience of other persons. You can also visit the surgeon for a consultation to see if he is qualified and experienced enough to perform a proper hair transplant. Most importantly see his befores and afters and videos posted on YouTube with normal lighting. If pictures after the result are in shadow, run!

Instead of choosing a plastic surgeon who has experience in a lot of surgeries like liposuction, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, etc, it is best to choose a surgeon who is specialized especially in hair transplant procedures.

Can A Bad Hair Transplant Be Fixed?

Some of the bad effects of the hair transplant can be fixed by another surgery. For example, if you have uneven hair patches all around the head with some bald spots or thinning of hair after the hair transplant, procedures like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) can help in fixing it. These procedures require abundant healthy donor hair follicles to perform the hair transplant.

In case if the hair looks weird after the hair transplant and making it obvious that you have undergone the procedure, micrografts can be placed to cover up the unnatural hair transplants and give your total hair a natural look. Similarly, there are certain procedures for most of the issues related to bad hair transplants.

First, you need to consult an experienced hair transplant surgeon for this procedure to fix the issue. Going back to the surgeon who had already made the mistake isn’t the best option. The new hair transplant surgeon can then examine your condition and suggest new procedures to compensate for your previous bad experience.

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