Choosing a hair transplant center. How bad can a hair transplant get when done at “Low Cost Hair Transplant” Centers?

It can be a hard decicion amidst the media hype that money can beget. There are many centers the world over and theer are many good hair transplant surgeons. To every good hair transplant surgeon there are 10 outright BAD centers for hair transplant. So how does one choose if the center and doctor are right for you?
Forexample see these pictures. A type 6 male pattern baldness patient underwent a procedure using 3500 grafts from the scalp. A look at the pictures will show you how there has been dismal hair growth even after 10 months.
Most such centers get clients through aggressive marketing where the client has not seen a single patient who has had a good result at the particular center. This is a nightmarish result and all due to improper research in selecting where to go for the hair transplant. The only option now is a body hair transplant.

Bad result of hair transplant

Dr Tejinder Bhatti inaugurates International Art Exhibition at Sahitya Kala Academy, Chandigarh

Dr Tejinder Bhatti lighting the lamp of knowledge while inaugurating the Art Exhibition at Chandigarh.
The exhibit attracted artists from around the world. It was part of the Rose festival, a famous local event at Chandigarh, India.