Progression of baldness after a hair transplant- A case report

Progression of baldness even after hair transplant. However, the planted hair is permanent.
Progression of baldness even after hair transplant. However, the planted hair is permanent.

This 38 years old Arab patient underwent an FUE procedure 5 months back for his frontal hairline and crown areas. You can see that the growth is satisfactory. However, the midscalp region which had adequate cover at the time of the porcedure looks barren now.
The aim of posting this picture is to show that native hair within the defined balding area shall continue to get thinner and disappear.
In contrast, the planted hair, being from the permanent zone (safe zone) shall continue to grow are will never fall.

Hairline definition with FUE hair transplant in India

Custom hairlines only with Darling Buds
Custom hairlines only with Darling Buds

The hype of hair transplant is such that we get a lot of clients asking for a better definition of the hairline and also temple filling to give them a younger look.
They might not be otherwise called bald but the current Bollywood image of a male is one with a high definition hairline like that of Salman Khan and his ilk. Most such cases are those who want to look younger at their place of work, are in transition from one partner to another or suffer from body dysmorphia. Such cases are only going to increase in the days to come.

Progression after hair transplant till Stage of Satisfaction

Stages of hair grwoth

Hair Growth starts at 12 weeks

1. STAGE OF RESEARCH- This starts when the fact that a hair transplant is a must dawns upon a balding individual. He starts researching about the techniques in use, visits many clinics, scours the world wide web till he finally makes up his mind and pays the advance to book his appointment for the procedure.

2. STAGE OF ANXIETY- As the day for the procedure arrives nearer the individual who has decided upon getting a hair transplant gets nervous. This anxiety may in some individuals turn into outright fright if his peers, colleagues, relatives or friends show doubt about his decision to undergo the procedure. This period usually starts a week before the procedure and is over by the time half the procedure is over when he has realized that he was worrying unnecessarily. Continue reading Progression after hair transplant till Stage of Satisfaction

What after hair transplant? – Sikh pattern Traction Alopecia

The evening after the procedure is quite crucial since the grafts are lie loose inside the slits. The clot formed is weak and it is quite easy to rub off the grafts if due care is not take. So it is best to go to your hotel room, take off the head wear and watch TV. No drinks ofcourse since you do not want to spoil the days work when you go into deep sleep under the effect of alcohol!
The nest day, things are a lot better and you can go to work and meet people but with a cover over the planted area. It takes 6 days for the grafts to “take root. till which time you do need to be careful.

FUE hair transplant in Sikh pattern alopecia Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s client