“Hair Loss Survey” of India conducted by Dr Bhatti’s Center, Chandigarh, India

The Demographics of Male Pattern Baldness in India

Author- Dr Tejinder Bhatti, MCh


Male pattern baldness is an ever-growing affliction today and affects men from the age group of 16-65

The last decade has seen a increase in the number of patients suffering from male pattern baldness (MPB) in the Indian scenario. Many studies have been carried out in the western populations regarding MPB. However, this is the only pilot study of its kind in India.

50,000 male patients were randomly selected through e-mail contact groups  and mailers were send.

Of the 50,000 mailers sent,  36,788 responses were obtained and were collated and studied.

The study brings out the results of this landmark study in the subcontinent.


MPB is an ever increasing and distressing affliction in male populations the world over today.

In a study carried out in the USA, 56.6% males surveyed had Type I-VII MPB. The present study carried out in India through e-mail mailers covered a diverse socioeconomic group from all corners of the country. The age ranged from 21-61 years  (mean 46 years) and all respondents were healthy males engaged in heterogenous professions.


The striking results of the study are brought out as under-

  1. 63.2% Indian males in the age group 21-61 years suffered from MPB. This is more than the US figure of 56.6%.
  2. The severity of MPB was- Type I- 32.7%; Type II- 18.1%; Type III- 22.0%; Type IV- 16.2%; Type V- 8.6%; Type VII- 2.4%
  3. The age distribution of respondents was- 21-31 years: 46%; 32-41 years: 35%; 42-51 years: 10%; 52- 61 years: 9%
  4. 65% respondents had received various medicines for MPB. The medicines were mostly from the ayurvedic, allopathic and homeopathic systems of medicines.  22% had received creams and pastes from quacks. Only 1.03% patients were happy with medications since in the rest hair fall continued despite the exorbitant medicine costs involved.
  5. 235 respondents had got hair transplantation done. Of these, 66% were very satisfied with the result; 21 % were not satisfied with the density; whereas 13% were dissatisfied with the results. Of the dissatisfied group, 88% had received outdated punch grafting at clinics which had not updated their techniques.
  6. 89.35% had a smooth recovery after the procedure, whereas 10.65% had complications. Of the latter group, 65% had reversal of complications like infection within 7-10 days whereas 35% had bad scars due to strip/FUE techniques.
  7. The study compares results of a USA study of 2009 wherein 56% US study group (total 35,000) had one form of MPB or the other.
  8. The study concluded that MPB was significantly more prevalent in Indian population as compared to the US study group.
  9. Complications and poor results could be avoided by getting hair transplantation done at reputed centres where the procedure is done routinely.
  10. The study repudiates the claim that patients are dissatisfied with hair transplants.
  11. Dr Tejinder Bhatti has commenced work on his next project titled- “Causes of increasing hair loss in Indian Men and Women”.