This is certainly a far cry from the days men accepted baldness. They now have ample options for restoring a receding hair line and hair loss. There is definitely a market out there for hair restoration. A recent survey showed that men fret more about their baldness than their bankruptcy or their bedroom performance. Hair loss is generally associated with ageing and the subtext of ageing is loss of strength and power. A big part of the hair loss problem is genetic and mind you it’s pretty hard to fight genetics.

Perhaps nowhere else in the world is one’s appearance tied to their profession quite like ‘Hollywood and Bollywood’. And for a celebrity the right hairstyle can shape careers and set the latest trends. All of us want to know why don’t celebrities have hair loss? All actresses have thick long beautiful hair, they never have bad hair days. Well the picture is more apparent now as you realize that celebrities also have hair loss and this in a way is a good sign as there is hope for all of us to have the most glamorous hair at affordable prices. The bottom line is that celebrities have the same options for hair restoration as the rest of us . The term “celebrity hair transplant” is used as the latest FUE technique is very convenient for them as it is less time consuming and the recovery is comparatively quicker.

Darling Buds Hair Transplant center run by Dr Tejinder Bhatti is one of the better known clinics for celebrity hair transplants. Dr Bhatti does exclusive hair transplant work to give his patients an amazing look.

There is s no going back now, though, with hair restoration no longer a taboo, the sky is the limit. The male desire to be more desirable has turned out to be utterly irrepressible. Men today are falling over themselves to spend a fortune, suffer pain and endure occasional ridicule in the pursuit of “looking fabulous.”

You can see celebrity videos at-


Strip Scars can be bad

These patients were scheduled for a procedure at my clinic when a clinic elsewhere convinced them that FUT gives more grafts.

My take on that is at-

for FUE works best in my hands
The resultant coverage in above patients was so sparse and the scars so bad that both are presently shaken by their experience.
Scars can be bad both in FUT and FUE surgery. What patients do not realise is the need to do good research and select a good doctor, whether an FUE surgeon or an FUE surgeon.
The examples above hardly grew much hair.
I get so many such enquiries almost every week and it is so sad.

Master Plastic Surgeon

Dr Tejinder Bhatti has been invited as Master Plastic Surgeon to the prestigious Association of Plastic Surgeons of India Conference to conduct a Master Class on Recent Advances in Surgical Hair Restoration 21-25 Nov, 2018. The Annual APSICON has a gathering of over 700 delegates and the Master Classes are well attended by junior plastic surgeons. Training in ethical and effective hair transplant that is safe and satisfying to the patient is important due to the present context where the speciality is in abject danger of falling into the unscrupulous hands of fly by night operators and unqualified technicians and other staff.

For more information, please visit www.apsicon2018.com

Scalp micropigmentation in India

Scalp micropigmentation in India is being offered for the first time at darling Buds through Elixir, London.

The London team witll be available at Darling Buds Clinic throughout April 2018.

It is for the very first time in India that Scalp Micropigmentation is being offered as an adjuvant to hair transplant and also as a standalone technique for advanced baldness.

Fut Scar that Required Traditional Reconstructive Surgery

This 35 years old patient came for correction of an FUT scar done elsewhere.
The skin is tight and the scar is dense.
The patient was told that the treatment of such big scars is not a hair transplant.
Neither can it be closed using the trichophytic closure technique.
He would need to get a tissue expanded flap cover done by a reconstructive plastic surgeon.
This is a method that takes around 3 months before the flap is expanded enough to cover the large resultant area after excision of previous scar

Our Strongest Argument in favor of FUE Technique

‘Cherry picking’ is yet another agricultural term used for the description of anagen selective hair transplant. It denotes the harvesting of ‘golden follicles’ (those that are in full bloom) in the anagen phase of growth. The advantage of harvesting these healthy follicles is that it leads to better growth over a shorter span with seemingly higher density with increased survival during transfer.

The golden follicles are selected either by mechanical selection or visual selection. In the former, the donor area is shaved 3 days prior to the proecdure. Since follicles other than those in the anagen growth phase are slow to grow, only the best will be available to harvest. In visual selection, high magnification is used to weed out poor quality available grafts.

This technique is the most effective way to move the very best grafts with fuller body and high survivability to the recipient site for the best results.

This selection is not possible by the FUT technique.

5 Points to be noted while repairing a Strip Scar.

A lot of my work entails repairing of FUT scars.
Most that come to me are very wide scars and the treatment in these cases mostly is scalp relaxation exercises followed by trichophytic reveion closure with z-plasty.
However every FUT scar today wants revision. Strip scars are not pleasing any more for contemporary hair styles that are very short at the back and sides.
Points to be noted while repairing are-
1. FUT scar revision entails camouflaging the scar by breaking the visual linearity. The scar remains the same. Only it is less visible. It is a mere trick for the eye!
2. I do not harvest above the scar so the hair above are not thinned and do not reveal the scar more.
3. Beard grafts are the best grafts to cover strip scars since they are thick and coarse and break the visual linearity better than thinner hair from the scalp or chest.
4. Grafts are placed vertically so the scar tissue can be bypassed and the root gets its nourishment from the near subdermal level.
5. SMP (scalp micropigmentation) should be considered as a valuable adjunct to graft camouflage.​

Power Buzz or a hair transplant?

Hair loss evinces varied reactions from men and women alike. Since olden days magical hair loss cures, have been sold to gullible people.

When we talk of hair loss it is the genetic cause that is mostly implied. However there may be hair loss due to immunological disorders, skin disease or while on anticancer drugs.

It is increasingly becoming evident that hair loss as we see it today is evolutionary. This explains the early onset of hair loss in young males and females. Though genetic cause is the supreme underlying environmental factors like stress, lack of sleep, fast food diet and use of improper hair care products are responsible for early onset. Like man lost his tail rendering tail transplant surgeons obsolete, hair transplant surgeons may become extinct when more people become bald and possession of a thick mane of hair is not longer at a premium.

Already bald people, like their idols Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel are beginning to wear the shaven look. As per University of Pennsylvania Wharton School men with shaven heads are seen as more masculine, dominating and with leadership potential. This may explain the popularity of the “Power Buzz” amongst business leaders today.

If they are to be believed, the mane does not define a Man since some of the best looking men are comfortable with their personality, their body and their baldness. I would go on to add that if you shave off when your hair has begins to haunt, the focus shifts to your other attributes- your eyes (the windows to your soul), your smile and your fabulous body- provided you possess them. In these cases just a head shave is the best way forward if you do not live in India where due to social reasons it may be an anathema.

If the above does not hold true for your situation, and you have thinning and not yet baldness, you can bank upon a few modalities-

  • Medication- Propecia, Rogaine, Biotin, Saw Palmetto
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

However if the condition has progressed to baldness, hair transplant is the only answer. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair from the same person is skillfully redistributed using 2 different techniques- FUT or FUE.

Of late, minimally invasive FUE techniques are in vogue and have mostly superseded the former technique in more than 90% hair transplant clinics the world over. The technique is laborious and intense and needs a team of 5-6 staff to accomplish with the plastic surgeon as the team leader.

Following the success of pioneering clinics all over the world including India, FUE clinics have become extremely commonplace. It is estimated that in India alone, there are over 5000 FUE clinics operational. FUE clinics have a pecking order too like most health care delivery systems-

  • The doctor-centric doctor-administered Clinic
  • The technician- centric doctor-administered Clinic
  • The technician centric-entrepreneur administered clinic
  • The technician-centric technician-administered Clinic

The potential hair transplant candidate should do adequate research to determine the involvement of the doctor since the first hair transplant if improperly done can ruin his future chances of a successful hair transplant since the available donor gets depleted every time a procedure is done.