Over 100 Case Studies of Failed Hair Transplants & Their Revision

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Failed Hair Transplants & their Revision (SEVERAL CASE STUDIES COMPILED)

I have dealt with the topic of failed hair transplants many times over; and even have dealt with their correction through reparative procedures on multiple occasions on my videos.

Here I compile my thoughts and all videos are done in one place so research can be easier a regards the etiology and management of bad hair transplants.

I myself practice 35% of cases are those that come for corrective surgical procedures. Yes 35% is a large number and it grew exponentially in the last 5 years since the practice of hair transplant surgery has become commoditised and patients are being referred to as clients. This has led to significant erosion in the faith which was the hallmark of this field and practitioners had high reputations which they assiduously protected by maintaining the highest standard in patient-doctor relationships and high skills were regularly honed and knowledge updated rigorously.

Increasingly such people are finding it difficult to maintain their practice on lofty ideals of transparency, honesty, and mutual trust and empathy. This breed of hair restoration surgeons is sadly a minority today.

Hair transplants are being offered today as a product and sold as ‘packages’ at varying cost markings just like at Walmarts. So when the procedure becomes so commercial and there are production lines churning out several cases a day from single clinics, the rates of dissatisfaction are bound to skyrocket.

Doctors advertise multiple clinics and multiple operating rooms. What is happening?

So as a consequence, the hapless patient (client) is being offered procedures he does not need- () or being taken up for surgery when the donor area is insufficient or unhealthy. And after the ‘clients’ are emotionally, physically, and financially vandalized, there is no one picking up the phone or offering to help. It seems the warranty of this product being sold is less than one year!

While some have burnt patient interests at the stake, there continue to exist clinics that have a high stake in the patient’s result. For, everyone is seen as a patient who has emotions, anxieties, and rational objectives that he seeks to achieve through evidence-based scientific and safe hair transplant procedures that would deliver him from the body image issue he faces due to male pattern baldness.

These are compiled as STAKE-
S– Skills of doctor and staff & safety of the hospital/clinic
T– Technique and teamwork
A -Aftercare support and follow-up services
K– Knowledge and its continuous updation through CMEs for doctor & staff
E– Empathy & Honesty as core values

Why do hair transplants fail?
The reasons of failure can be broadly so grouped-
(a) Failure in the Recipient site
(b) Failure in the donor site

(c) Failure in counseling & patient selection

(d) Failure of Aftercare

(e) Failure of Follow-up support

I have a compilation of several single videos where I have individually discussed the causes of failure and the revisional surgeries that were done at Darling Buds Clinic by myself and my team.

1. Swaran’s failed hair transplant that was revised in 2014-
Bad Hair Transplant
2. Sandeep’s bad hair transplant that needed revision-
Bad Hair Transplant Revision
3. Sanjay’s horrible hair transplant gone absolutely wrong
Bad Hair Transplant 3
4. Bollywood actor Vindu Dara Singh’s case and how it was redone-

Bad Hair Transplant 4
5. 100 FUT scars that came to me for revision and how some were revised-
Cost of a Bad Hair Transplant
6. And lastly famous Punjabi actor B jay Randhawa’s revision hair transplant-

The link to these videos is-

I will continue to add several videos since these failed cases comprise a large part of my hair transplant practice in India at Chandigarh in the Punjab.

And I hope before you embark on your hair transplant journey, these case studies on hair transplant will be a word of caution and guide you like the North Star.

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