Why a hair transplant in India

Why a hair transplant in India

India has been the best destination for a safe and good hair transplant for quite some time now. Besides the benefits of economy, you are in the safe hands of trained plastic surgeons.

Here are some key factors to opt for hair transplant treatment from a renowned clinic in India:
Experienced Surgeons:
Many Indian doctors have been doing hair transplant since a long time. Some even for 30 years!
Countries that have recently come to the fore in the field of hair transplant have surgeons with less than 10 years of experience.
With humility, we state that DrBhatti today is considered one of the TOP 20 Best hair Transplant surgeons in the world- https://www.apetogentleman.com/worlds-best-hair-transplant-doctors/

The success ratio
With the vast experience good Indin surgeons have in the field of hair transplants, they can replicate good results more often. A successful surgery is all about how many cases a surgeon has individually done.

Personalized care
Darling Buds Hair Transplant clinic is a settled example for the same. It provides all its local or global patients with personalized attention throughout the surgery.

Dr. Bhatti not only does most of the procedure himself, but also when you mail us he is the one who responds personally. All follow up care is also with him and with no one else.

In many other clinics, this is not so. You will rarely if ever get to discuss with the prime surgeon himself. During the procedure too the surgeon will not be around as much as we promise that Dr. Bhatti will be with you.
Rest assured you will be welcomed and made to feel at ease before, during and much after your hair transplant.

Cost matters
A hair transplant in India and even at Darling Buds Clinic will not tear a gaping hole in your pocket.
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