Category : Caucasian Hair Transplant

16 Oct, 2019

Caucasian Hair Transplant using FUE technique gives better results

Caucasian hair is characterized by light color, fine caliber, less contrast between skin and hair tones and lastly but most importantly by the compact nature of follicular units that form a graft. Caucasian hair transplants have been done by us at Darling Buds since 2007 and we have extensive experience with this racial type.

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17 Aug, 2015

Caucasian woman hair transplant testimonial.

Hair transplant in women is different from hair transplant in men for the following reasons- 1. A woman mostly has unrealistic expectations from a hair transplant 2. In female pattern hair loss, the donor area too is undergoing miniaturisation and graft availability is very low in most unless a female has come in just for lowering of her hairline or creating a widow’s peak- circumstances where there is no genetic hair loss.

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