The Technology of Hair Transplant We Use at Dr. Bhatti’s Hair Transplant Clinic Darling Buds @Chandigarh

The Technology of Hair Transplant we use at Darling Buds
The Technology of Hair Transplant we use at Darling Buds

At Darling Buds,  Dr. Bhatti keeps abreast of the latest trend and technology to perform hair transplant procedure. He not only attends most hair transplant meetings solely dedicated to  FUE, bt also Conferences that are meant for advancement of cell biology research especially stem cell and exosomes. With the support of Dr. Amulya Bhatti at Amulya Labs, path-breaking cellular research that may benefit hair loss is underway.

Our clinic holds a high success rate in performing FUE with advanced equipment. We are the only clinic in India to leverage high magnification to decrease chances of graft transection, proper slit creation cleaning (when required) and counting. Dr. Bhatti’s strong basic training and early experience in reconstructive microsurgery is the foundation of this protocol & practice.

The Anagen Q+ technique
We use our innovative latest technology, the Anagen Q+ technique, which scores many times over the contemporary DHI technique and its stated variations especially the DHT, Bio-FUE techniques of FUE hair transplant. The high speed of harvesting done by DrBhatti himself, coupled with expert assistance in every part of the whole process allows us to return the grafts at the fastest pace to the recipient area after being harvested from the body. This tremendously decreased out of body time helps in decreased shedding of grafts in the first 6 weeks, but also allows more than 99% growth. Decreased graft handling and early return to the body has been giving us better and more reliable growth as compared to our competitors in the hair transplant industry.

As a direct benefit of adopting this latest technology, our clinic holds the lowest transection rate for Caucasians (1.89%), Indians (2.43%) and other racial groups. This has been corroborated by numerous doctors who came for training between 2008-2012 to the center.
Details of the technique can be accessed at- Click Here
Dr. Bhatti performs a bulk of procedures himself, which makes the results replicable. He harvests selective grafts in the anagen phase (‘full bloom’). These grafts have the highest potential for growth since they are better equipped to survive the trauma of extraction and relocation. This Golden HarvestTM of FUE grafts goes a long ay in ensuring graft wastage and therefore allows better density to be given which in turn adds to the happiness quotient of our clients.
For any technique to succeed, you need to have continuity. Continuity in technique, dedication, and more importantly continuity in staff. The attrition rate of staff needs to be low. Staff leaving the clinic frequently does not augur well for results. Our staff has been with Dr. Bhatti for an average of 7.2 years and this collective experience of many years adds to the beauty of our results and enhances our reputation as the very best clinic for hair transplant.
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Your Visit/Video Chat
A personal interaction may be the best way forward.
You can either get in touch with Dr. Bhatti on a video chat (skype/Google Duo) or feel free to visit our Chandigarh based clinic to know more about our Hair Transplant and technique, talk to patients immediately after their hair transplant.
To interact with a patient operated the same day, please come at 4 PM with a prior appointment.
To meet the previous day’s patient, best would be to visit at 10 AM any weekday.