Dr. Bhatti & ‘Success Rate’ of Hair Transplant

Dr. Bhatti & ‘Success Rate’ of Hair Transplant

Doctors should be alert to the fact that to their patient, the term ‘Success Rate’ seldom means 100% growth of hair!

What he means is whether he will get the result he has in mind and be happy.
This is a significant challenge and needs proper understanding of the patient’s psychology, expectations and an insight into what you can and cannot deliver.
A hair transplant seeks considerable investment in the following:

  • Time and effort taken to research and wait for hair to grow. (long stressful downtime)
  • Stress of travel
  • Financial stress
  • Emotional fatigue
  • Time spent off work 9stress at the workplace)

This significant investment of time, money and emotions can leave one shattered if after waiting for 9-12 months, the result you get is a mere fraction of what was promised and what you expected.

When choosing a hair transplant this is a commonly asked question by a patient. Of course, a patient may have unrealistic expectations from the procedure but at the outset, these should be rationally reset at the time of the consultation before he/she is accepted as a client.

‘Success Rate’ is an all-encompassing term and the patient wishes to know if his result will be as per expectations and like the many cases displayed on your website and youtube channel. Since he is investing significant physical and emotional resources into the procedure, he is legitimately asking for a promise and an assurance from the doctor for a result he will be happy with.

What determines the success rate of a hair transplant?
The success rate of the hair transplantation relies on a few factors:
Expectations- realistic/unrealistic
Illnesses- diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, etc.
Level of scarring from diseases like cicatricial alopecia of traction alopecia
Skill and technique of hair transplant- transection rate, wastage of grafts, magnification, decreased out of body time, preservation of grafts when harvested, and proper plantation keeping angulation and curl of hair in mind.

Are all cases fit for a Hair Transplant?
Dr. Bhatti’s patient selection rate for hair transplant is less than 10%.
It means, out of 10 people who come for a consultation, only one is considered fit for our procedure. Dr. Bhatti chooses only those clients that will get a good result. It is his firm belief that most patients are not suited for an effective hair transplant.

During your consultation (in-person visit or online consultation) you will undergo a rigorous process of evaluation before we take you up for the procedure. For clients who are consulting online, it is best for them to send a comb-through video of the scalp donor, so a better evaluation of the donor can be made. Dr. Bhatti will sometimes ask you to see a local doctor of repute in your state to ascertain your fitness for the procedure. This is since online consultations have their inherent fallacies. There is no better assessment than an in-person visit to Dr. Bhatti.

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is a dedicated plastic surgeon who is continuously improving the lifestyles of many patients through his cutting edge technique and constant dedication to his work. His innovative efforts in the field of hair transplant surgery have raised the success rates to a high level and this has translated to better recognition and word of mouth publicity.