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Darling Buds Clinic, founded by Dr. Tejinder Bhatti, is the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh. The clinic is one of the first international clinics fully dedicated to FUE hair transplant. Our clinic has become the foremost clinic in the world to transform into ‘FUE only’ hair transplant completely from 100% FUT transplant clinics. Due to the superior quality of hair transplant results, today, FUE has become the foremost choice of most of the people. Besides this, FUE hair transplantation has several more advantages as compared to FUT hair transplant. Due to the efforts of Dr. Bhatti, Darling Buds Clinic, today, has ranked among the top 20 hair transplant clinics in the world.

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Dr. Bhatti's Darling Buds Clinic is now recognized as one of the
Top 20 Clinics in the World for Hair Transplant

Dr. Bhatti is a well known plastic surgeon in India. His innovative and advanced FUE hair transplant techniques bring a new hope to the lives of many people. Before starting a hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to explain all the pros and cons of the hair transplant surgery to the patient. This is what Dr. Bhatti, a reputed board certified surgeon, does. After knowing all the pros and cons, it depends on the patient which one of the recommended hair transplant surgeries he will take. It also depends on the patient whether he wants to take hair transplant services or not after knowing all the pros and cons of the surgery. The transparency in the services that we offer and the honesty towards our work have made us one of the best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh.

Today, Dr. Bhatti has a high reputation and he ranks among the top hair transplant doctors in India. Since 1992. He has been delivering the best hair transplant services to the clients. He also owns recommendations from various popular and reputed associations like IAHRS, Hair Transplant Network, and American Hair Loss Association, and more.

Why Select Us

The following points speak aloud why we are the best hair transplant clinic in Chandigarh.

Value for Money

Darling Buds being one a reputed clinic of Dr. Bhatti, offers high quality hair transplant solutions to the customers. All these solutions are offered at an affordable cost. We never charge the wrong amount from our customers. Also, we do have any hidden charges. We work with 100% transparency at the clinic. The fees for hair transplant is only as per the treatment performed by our expert surgeon. Availing hair transplant treatment from us is a true value for money.

The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Tejinder Bhatti is a 100% hair transplant surgeon. He has MS in surgery and M.Ch. in plastic surgery. For years, he has been working as a full time hair transplant surgeon. On doing research on the internet, you will barely find a surgeon who is 100% dedicated to the hair transplant surgeries. He has vast years of experience in the field of scar-free FUE hair transplant surgeries.

Trained Staff

Darling Buds Hair Transplant Center takes pride in having a staff of trained and experienced nurses, anesthetists and technicians. The trained staff has been working in our clinic for the last 5 - 10 years. Our trained staff members are the reason for our superior results in hair transplantation.

Our Hair Transplant & Restoration Services

Male Pattern Baldness in Chandigarh

Male Pattern Baldness

We help you get rid of Male Pattern Baldness through FUE hair transplant method. Our experienced team of nurses, technicians and anesthetists work with great care along with our renowned surgeon Dr. Bhatti case after case.

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Female Pattern Baldness in Chandigarh

Female Pattern Baldness

Good hair volume and hairline accounts for the aesthetic appeal of women and baldness, though not so common as in men, does occur in 1 out of 10 women. Our hair transplant surgeon will help such patients to medically combat the ha

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Failed Hair Transplant Repair in Chandigarh

Failed Hair Transplant Repair

Be it donor overharvesting, visible scarring, safe zone transgression, graft damage or poor patient compliance, all such mishaps lead to a failed hair transplantthat needs revision and repairs. At Darling Buds, our hair transplant.

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Body Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Body Hair Transplant

Are you suffering from extensive baldness and less donor area? Don't fret! Our expert surgeon can remedy this situation through body hair transplant method. We have been executing this treatment since 2009 and it has helped us imm

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Hair Transplant In Caucasian in Chandigarh

Hair Transplant In Caucasian

We hold a successful history of treating hair loss problems of more than 1000 Caucasian patients. If you are a Caucasian and are looking for the best hair transplantclinicsin this racial group, you can rely on or experienced surge.

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Hairline Reconstruction in Chandigarh

Hairline Reconstruction

The loss of frontal hairline among men due to androgeneticalopecia or genetic reasons makes the hairs to appear thin and less dense. DrBhatti'sHair TransplantClinic is the best place in India to go for a natural, full and esthetic

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Spreading Happiness, One Case a Day

Dr. Bhatti

Ms, M.Ch. (Plastic Surgery)
100% Hair Transplant Surgeon


Happy Patients


Successful FUE



Our Hair Transplant Clinic has enabled many to revisit their younger self through our hair transplantation treatment. Testimonials of past patients in gratitude, continues us to believe in ourselves and this encouragement goads us to keep our skills honed and therefore we aggressively sustain our reputation as the best place to go to for a hair transplant in India.

'A Case a Day' has been our USP since our inception. The patient does not feel rushed through the procedure. This is since Dr. Bhatti himself does most of the steps of the procedure himself. It helps in standardizing protocols and getting reproducible results at Darling Buds Clinic case after case, one day after another.

FUE Hair Transplantation – The Present Gold Standard!

It has been over a decade since we shifted completely from FUT to FUE in 2009 to overcome certain side effects of FUT. As of now, our 'FUE Only' hair transplant center has gained global recognition owing to superior quality, reproducible and enviable results that we deliver in every case. Our minimally invasive treatment ensures quick healing and negligible scars, all in order to give you the utmost satisfaction and natural undetectable results.

Dr. Bhatti listens to the requirements of each patient attentively and suggests the best hair transplant treatment keeping the patient's objectives in mind with complete involvement of the patient. Factors like the nature of hair, growth pattern, coverage area, and so on helps our doctor make our patient to take an informed decision. You just have to drop in once for a consultation with DrBhatti to know the difference.

Here is why you should choose Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic for FUE treatment:

  • Qualified and experienced surgeon
  • Painless treatment
  • Safe surgery
  • No visible scar
  • We ensure maximum coverage in single session
  • Quick recovery period
  • Advanced state of the art surgery equipment
  • Easy outpatient procedure and follow-up by Dr. Bhatti himself
  • Visible changes within 6 months of the surgery

Proud to be the "Official Surgeon" to Pollywood


"The day I chose Darling Buds I was happy. My happiness increased manifold when I met the doctor and his very professional team. And now, one year later, I am thrilled with my choice." – Saurav Kulkarni, Pune" I thank Dr TejinderBhatti and his efficient team. It has been 4 months after the transplant and the lush hair growth has started to look wonderful. I am getting a lot of nice compliments on my newly gained appearance.
Surprise! I have not told my friends that I have had a hair transplant done. Should !?" – Raghav Mantry, Mumbai)" It is a great clinicwith a world class unbeatable team of thorough professionals- that is Darling Buds Clinic.

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Charter of Patient Rights

Hair transplant patients who come to Darling Buds under the care of Dr Tejinder Bhatti,Director, Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic, have a set of rights with which the staff and the Director himself are under oath to abide by. These principles have stood the test of time for our practice and we recommend the same to all who get training at this center before starting their hair transplant practice.

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What after the Hair Transplant !

So you have just received your long-awaited hair transplant, and you are ready to go home and start growing hair! Well, that's great, but let's slow down a bit and think about all the things that may help in insuring the best possible outcome for this procedure. Above all, follow the instructions you've been given; they are there for a reason, and much energy has been put into developing a set of guidelines for patients after FUE. After all, you have paid in money and time for the operation, and the doctor and his team have performed a meticulous and demanding procedure in the hair transplant clinic.

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Upcoming Consultation Dates

*Please reserve your time in advance by calling 9814531111 as limited appointments only can be given. Please deposit INR 1200 in the account as consultation fee. The consultation shall be for 30 minutes only.*



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