Hair Transplant Cost Advantage in India at Darling Buds Clinic

Hair Transplant Cost Advantage in India at Darling Buds Clinic

Before you read further, you need to know that we have been recently recognised as the most affordable amongst the World’s Top Clinics for hair transplant procedures. This article is exhaustive & informative- Click Here
The first reason people decide to fly out of their country for a hair transplant is that they cannot always afford the ludicrous amounts that are demanded by clinics that may not even produce desirable results. The second reason is a quest for the most skilled doctors and clinics in the world which is a global village today and they wish to take advantage of their low cost at the same time.
Darling Buds Clinic has maintained an enviable record and reputation as a preferred destination for hair transplant abroad.
At Darling buds Clinic we have been providing affordable low cost hair transplants for the past 2 decades with the utmost care and superior skills which are the hallmarks of Dr. Bhatti’s practice in India.

Extreme Transparency in the price of hair transplant:

Our transparency in the cost of hair transplant and various cheaper options we have to offer have always created a sense of reassurance in the minds of patients seeking affordable hair transplants with safety and care while outside the comfort zones of their geographical region.
Our hair transplant packages can be studied at- Hair Transplant Cost
One Doctor, One Price!

Only Dr. Bhatti does procedures at Darling Buds Clinic. No names of other doctors on our website to confuse, obfuscate & misinform. All results posted on the website are cases done by Dr. Bhatti and not of any doctor who may have ceased to be on employment when you sign in. The clinic where Dr. Akanxa Bhatti does procedures is not co-located and is distinct for only low-cost cases so more customers can avail of our services.
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How to save on rates of hair transplant in India at Darling Buds Clinic:

  1. Get your procedure done during the lean season- 15 April to 15 June. (Summer Discounts apply)
  2. Get into the waitlist for an opportunity to get a slot if a patient cancels his procedure at the last moment. (Cancellation Discount).
  3. If you are an Indian, you can get a Loan for your hair transplant from Bajaj Finance on equated EMIs. if you are not an India, you can use your credit card for a loan on the procedure.
  4. Get referred to our subsidiary low-cost clinic, the Five Rivers hair Transplant Clinic run by Dr. Akanxa Bhatti. Please see- Click Here

*We charge per graft
*We have complete transparency in graft count
*No hidden charges. We give the cost for your procedure upfront and it does not differ from what is on our website.