Patients who come to Darling Buds under the care of Dr Tejinder Bhatti, Director, Darling Buds HTC, have a set of rights with which the staff and the Director himself are under oath to abide by. These principles have stood the test of time for our practice and we recommend them to all who train at this center before starting their hair transplant practice.

  1. FUE, and FUT (strip) techniques are distinct techniques and both have a role to play. We give a wholesome critical analysis of each technique to the client and facilitate him to make an informed consent. However, since we do only FUE, you shall have to consider the bias yourself.
  2. We take up only 2 cases a day – one long case of 3000-4000 grafts and another short case of less than 2000 grafts.
  3. No assistants operate on the client. Though our assistants are certified by the ISHRS and also the national hair transplant society (AHRS-India), Dr Tejinder Bhatti does all the cases himself. As a skilled microsurgeon, Dr Tejinder Bhatti gives his undivided attention to each client day after day.
  4. We do not use unfair legal disclaimers which allow lawyers to defend the indefensible results of poor surgery.
  5. All assistants at Darling Buds are trained directly under the Director himself. They are accredited using the strictest yardsticks for hair transplant assistance. The conduct of each member of the staff with clients is assessed on a regular basis. Expect the highest standards of care, discipline and ethical conduct when you come to Darling Buds for your hair transplant.
  6. We use 0.75 & 0.85 mm dia size grafts only to give natural density in the very first session. These grafts are planted using micro-surgical technique.
    Complete transparency in counting the number of grafts. The client can count the grafts. We shall tell you how to be sure that you get what you paid for. At this center a ‘graft’ means a ‘graft’ and not ‘hair’. By definition a graft is “a cut strand of hair taken with the root” and contains from 1-4 hair. We condone centers which charge for a graft but give a hair or follicle in return (20-50% less).
  7. On request we do random video recording for the client so he can assess the low transection rate of his follicles. Transection rates on average in hair transplant practice range from 2-30% in experienced hands. The transection rate at Darling Buds is one of the lowest in the world. Low transection rates mean higher graft yield per session. This in turn means great results. Ours is not a “production line” thinking. Each client has entrusted his care unto us and we are grateful he/she has given us an opportunity to treat.
  8. Due to our ‘Plainly Painless Technique’, we seldom need to give intravenous analgesia. This keeps the client aware and alert throughout the procedure and he remains fully informed about the progress of the procedure at all times.
  9. We do ‘No Harm’.