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Select Your Grade Hair Loss:
Roots Required:
(1 root=1-3 hair)
Technique Required:
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The above rates do not apply to the following:

  1. Burnt areas
  2. Beard, moustache, eyebrow, temple reconstruction
  3. When grafts are taken from the beard, chest andother bodily regions
  4. When less than 500 grafts are required

The cost of hairtransplant for these indications shall be on case to case basis depending uponcomplexity involved

Normal density of hair is in the range of 90-100/ cm².However, some individual have lesser and some greater density than this.

Hair density is determined by your racial and familial characteristics.

African and Oriental (Mongoloid) clients have less density than Caucasians and Indians (South Asians).

Though centers claim upto 65/ cm², this runs the risk of all grafts falling short of blood supply and, undernourished, falling off together.

The time tested density is 35-45/ cm². This is the ideal density and makes your head look full.

The above ready reckoner calculates your graft requirement depending on this density of 45/cm².

Doc, what are the methods to calculate the number of grafts I shall require?

  1. Well, you have to have a mathematical background to do that. Take a sheet of thin transparent plastic. Place this on your bald spot and trace out the margins where normal hairline starts. Place this on a centimetered graph paper. Calculate the area in cm². Now, multiply this with 45. This shall give you the exact number of grafts you shall need.
  2. You can make use of the graft calculator above. This is however not accurate since the size of the head is different in different individuals. The accuracy is ±20%
  3. A visit to Darling Buds is the best way to know the exact number of grafts that you will need and the number which can be safely harvested.