When is the best time for a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a proper surgical procedure and if done improperly, it is seldom possible to go to your original condition if not an improvement. It is not like a haircut that if it is not to your liking, you can get this corrected the next time you visit the saloon. Any hasty decision for a surgical cosmetic procedure is to be condemned. A decision on a whom and not well thought of can throw your life out of gear and be detrimental to your long term hair loss plans & objectives.

Please do your research well before you leap into a hair transplant. In this article, I have summarised a few factors that need to be taken into consideration and which shall help you in planning a procedure.

Age factor
As we progress up the evolutionary ladder, hair loss that is genetic in nature shall continue to occur at an earlier age. Already young men of 20-22 suffer from significant baldness and are constantly perturbed about it and it affects their work, studies, relationships and self-esteem. They hence hastily decide on a procedure and throwing all caution to the winds, fall easy prey to the false promises made by unethical operators that abound in this field.

Baldness due to androgenetic alopecia is corrected through a hair transplant not before the age of 25 in mild cases and at the age of 27 in those in whom extensive baldness is suspected.

This is since the scalp donor is the determinant of whether a hair transplant can be done or not. If the scalp donor is thinning too (miniaturising of hair) or if it is constricted due to evolving baldness, it may not be able to support a hair transplant. Hence, resorting to a hair transplant in such cases may not only be futile, but exasperating as well, since one can never keep pace with future balding. Additionally, indeterminate permanency of prematurely transplanted scalp donor hair can lead to permanent shedding of these transplanted hairs in the future, considerably frustrating the patient.

One expends a considerable amount of time, money and emotions on a hair transplant and if outcomes are disasterous, it can leave a patient emotionally shattered at that tender age.

There is no upper limit for a hair transplant. We have had a patient of 88 years in age, otherwise completely healthy and with reasonably good scalp donor hair, in whom we gave a satisfactory ‘head full of hair’ coverage.

Which Month/Season is best for a hair transplant?
This is an often asked question. In India there are 2 myths doctors struggle against. One is that hair transplant should not be done in the monsoon season, and the other is that the profuse sweating in summer months is detrimental to a hair transplant.

The fact is that with some alteration in daily living for the first 3 days, all months through the year and seasons are suitable for a hair transplant.

As long as you make these modifications in daily living, you are all set for you hair transplant from January to December, Fall to Winter, throughout the year and across all seasons:
• Protection from the sun: For the first 3 weeks whether it is summer or winter, direct sun exposure is to be avoided for 3 weeks post-procedure. It does not mean you do not go out in the sun With a headcover in the form of a bandana, hat, scarf you can venture outdoors any time of the day.
• Avoid swimming: Whether swimming in the pool or in the sea, you ill need to ait for 3 weeks after the procedure. The same applies to sauna.
• Cover your head with cotton cap or bandana: But no beenie, please. The hat or scarf should be of cotton material for synthetic or woolen material cause build of static currents which are detrimental to an early result.
• Monsoons and the rainy season: Keep your head covered with an umbrella at times when you venture out before the 2-week mark only.

To conclude, the best time for a hair transplant is when the age is ripe, your health and that of your scalp donor area are optimal, and the doctor that you choose is experienced.

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