Surgical Hair Restoration: What to Look for in A Surgeon

Hair restoration technique a lot of effort and expertise on the part of the surgeon. Only a qualified, experienced and talented surgeon can give you the expected results.

It is important to spend time while searching for the surgeon; it is not enough to just choose a surgeon based on deceptive advertisements in newspapers, TV or on social media. It is essential to dig behind all those glossy ads of the surgeons and find out how their medical practice is. You can also ask for recommendations from other general practitioners who can guide you to the right surgeon suitable for you.

There are some important points to consider when choosing the right doctor or surgeon.

Deciding The Right Surgeon


This is an all-inclusive step that could probably decide the fate of your hair until the rest of your life. You just have to keep one thing in mind – choosing a surgeon and team specialized in hair restoration surgeries.

So how can you check if the surgeon is as qualified as the online bio says?

Verification: You can verify if the surgeon is a member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS). The IAHRS is not an organization that includes any and all surgeons in it like the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons). Only the verified surgeons who can be trusted by the patients and are highly experienced in their skills are a part of this international society.

Some surgeons may be awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the field of hair transplantation. However they will not find mention in the IAHRS list since they have not provided enough proof of their results that they can be talked of by the patient-centric forum. When in doubt do further research and also check out Hair Restoration Social Network, the world’s #1 patient forum in the field.

Research: As you go online to check the credentials of the surgeon, you can also go a step ahead and search for the reviews of the surgeons on Google and on any other platform other than their own websites. You can find real testimonials of patients and their experiences with the surgeon as well as the associated facility. This can be a crucial deciding factor for you. For example you can check Dr. Bhatti’s credentials at-

Social Network Testimonials & Patient Stories

IAHRS Testimonials & Patient Stories

Our YouTube Channel– 100s of actual case results posted

Visitors’ Book– 100s of happy testimonials

Checking The Credentials of The Team

If you think that the team is not as important as the surgeon, then it is the time you know the complete procedure of how the hair restoration surgery is actually done.

During the surgery, the surgeon will make the incisions on the respective places on the scalp and close the area with sutures. The team with the surgeon will place the grafts in place with the guidance of the surgeon. The team helps the surgeon through the entire surgery and therefore, it is important to realize that the team is also a crucial part in deciding the success of the hair restoration surgery.

Again, to check for the team with the surgeon, it is time to go online. You will find the reviews of the team, the facility and the staff along with the reviews of the surgeon and the clinic. Additionally, when you go for a consultation, you can enquire the surgeon or the team about their previous surgeries and how long they have been working together. This will give you an idea of the expertise of the team along with the surgeon.

Deciding Factors During Consultation

Once you have chosen the surgeon based on the research, there is nothing more you can do but to visit the surgeon. This is the last step where you will decide if you want to go through with this particular surgeon. There are many factors which will help you come to a decision.
• Ensuring The Complete Involvement of Surgeon
There are times when the surgeon will hand over the responsibility to the next qualified person in the clinic when the need arises. Make sure that it doesn’t happen with you.
Though some clinics may have consultants as an initial screening process, it is best to directly get examined by the surgeon rather than a consultant.
• Comfort Level
It is very essential that you feel totally comfortable with the surgeon to talk with during the examination. Some surgeons try their best to make you feel as comfortable as you can. This is the kind of surgeon you need to be looking for. If you aren’t feeling that well talking with the surgeon or feel that the surgeon may be distracted or isn’t paying complete attention to your examination, then those are the warning signs you were looking for.
A good surgeon needs to spend quality time with the patient answering their queries honestly and making them feel secure about going through with the surgery.

• Sample Pictures
You can request for viewing some of the before and after photographs of the previous surgeries performed by the surgeon. A picture speaks a 100 words! A Video- 10,000!! This will give you a clear idea about the kind of results the surgeon can provide and decide if that’s what you really want.
The surgeon should be able to provide at least six to eight photographs of their previous patients depicting clearly the effects of the surgery. If you still want to make sure about the surgeon, you can directly ask for the contact details of a few patients whom you can call and confirm.
• The Hair Restoration Technique
There are two main hair restoration techniques – Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). With FUE, the donor grafts are removed from the back of your scalp and used for the surgery. This will leave you with minimum scarring while FUT leaves a scar that is more noticeable. On the other hand, FUE is not suitable for those who like to keep their hair short or shave the back of the head.

It is important to know these basic details of hair restoration when you go for the initial consultation as it will give you a better idea into the technical details the surgeon talks about.

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