Did you know that up to 85% of all men will have hair loss or thinning by the age of 50? According to research, roughly 40% of all women will experience hair loss before they reach the age of 40.

Until they're no longer there, most of us take our locks for granted. Despite the fact that hair loss is common and some people can live with it, no one wants to experience it. Hair loss has a profound impact on people's lives, including their relationships, careers, and self-esteem. Many people are unaware that they have options for treating, repairing, and restoring their hair, regardless of how much they've lost. 

Surgical hair transplantation involves extracting healthy hair follicles from one site and transplanting them to another location where they are no longer viable. A hair-bearing strip of skin is referred to as a graft. Grafts can be obtained from any area of the body, although the occipital scalp (the donor zone on the posterior scalp) is the most commonly used because of its excellent long-term survival. Technology, equipment, and surgical methods all influence the size and shape of the transplant. Hair grafts are created by removing tissue from the donor site.

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The goal is to transplant a little amount of hair-growing tissue from one part of the scalp to another. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is a procedure in which hair-bearing tissue is removed from the donor location in a strip or in individual units one at a time (Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE). Grafts are extracted from the donor strip in FUT using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. These follicular units have been conserved and are now ready to be implanted into the scalp of the recipient. There are usually 2-3 hairs in a follicular cell. The doctor makes incisions in the scalp the same size as the graft. 

The grafts are then placed one by one in each recipient site, at the right length and direction, to mimic the surrounding hair. When employing FUE, it is not required to remove a donor strip. Instead, the follicular units are removed one by one from the scalp. The follicular units are kept after that and then transplanted into the scalp.

Graft Survivability: Hair grafts must be able to resist hair transplant surgery in order to be viable.

Dehydration: Grafts can survive for around 16 minutes in a dry environment before dying. It's best to keep them submerged in a liquid solution like saline.

Oxygen: Follicular units are starved of oxygen as they are isolated from the donor region, and if this continues for a lengthy period of time, they will stop functioning correctly.

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