Covid and Hair Transplants


This virus is here to stay for a couple of years.

But life will go on like it always has.

There will be phases of resurgence and then some months of calm.

In this video I will touch upon the enormity of the problem so you get a perspective so you do not let down your guard while seeking and getting a hair transplant.

And like all other clinics which hold the safety of the patient paramount, I will enumerate the measures we take at Darling Buds and how we are a Covid protected medical facility.
During the first wave early last year, many elective and nonessential surgeries were postponed worldwide in an effort to minimize spread of disease, as well as to conserve resources. But responses have changed over time and people are venturing out for hair transplants though in lesser numbers.

So why do patients still want hair transplant surgery during the pandemic?

  • Lockdowns have had their effect on the psyche. Hair transplants give respite and boosts up the spirits.
  • People who have their own marriages coming up have to adhere to their personal and social timelines
  • The perception that procedures are cheap at the moment.
  • Wanting to make full use of work from home culture that is prevailing.
  • Feel that medical centers are not very busy these days and they will get personalized attention.

Why do others want to wait for this to pass?

  • Shy away from comprehensive medical precautions
  • Perception that it is not safe.
  • Travel restrictions.
  • Loss of income & tight control over expenses due to uncertain future has a direct bearing on cash paying ability.
  • Pressure from family.

A little understanding of the epidemiology of this virus will help.

Published data on viral pandemics indicate that these viruses can continue to come as subsequent wave- 2nd 3rd and so on, even after the the disease appears to have gone into remission. This is evident if we analyze the Indian model.

The effects of Covid-19 are expected to be long standing, people will push back federal restrictions on mobility and free choices and therefore the given guidelines and algorithms will need to be followed up strictly by medical centers in times to come.

Also the economy is as much important to sustain livelihoods, preserve business and society in the process, as is containing the spread of the contagion. So governments will not enforce strict lockdowns. The virus will stay for some time till it mutates into less virulent forms as the world population gets fully vaccinated by end of this year.

Most do not understand the seriousness of the problem at hand. They will only understand the risk of dying from the virus only when the risk is quantified. So what is the risk we carry today of dying from the Coronavirus?

But some will argue that Life itself comes with inherent risk.

So let us quantify the risk to life from Life itself.

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